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Charger Code of Honor

We are the proud students of Agoura High School. We join together to maintain a learning climate that fosters honesty, integrity, and self-respect. The code of honor reflects our belief that ethical conduct is an important part of student life and education. We pledge to each other and to ourselves to abide by the Charger Code of Honor.

Approved By: ASB Council, Academic Council, AHS Administration

  1. We shall respect the rights of other students to privacy and their right to keep confidential the materials, homework, tests and expressions which they have created through their own efforts.
  2. We take pride in the work we have created, knowing that doing our own work is the greatest reward.
  3. We recognize that life is a partnership between individuals, including students and teachers. We agree to respect the teachers right to fair testing and our fellow students right to have their work judged on its own merit.
  4. We will not misrepresent examination materials, research assignments, or homework assignments as our own, when in fact they are the work of someone else.
  5. We will be honest with ourselves. We will not cheat ourselves out of the education and future self-respect to which we are entitled.