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Counseling Areas


Our Counseling team is integral and vital in the development of the academic and personal goals of all students. They plan, implement and evaluate a counseling program that includes academic, career, personal and social development for all students. They work with parents, teachers and staff to advocate for high academic achievement and appropriate social development for each student.

In direct alignment with the National Standards for School Counseling, the team employs effective strategies to foster:

Additionally, the Counseling Team strives to work with students, parents and other staff to facilitate transitions throughout the high school years. Counselors encourage students to be independent, to effectively communicate their needs, and make decisions that will prepare them to be productive and successful in their chosen academic and career paths.  When life situations interfere with a student's pursuit of his or her academic and personal goals, it may be helpful for the student to talk with their school counselor.

  1. proficient and discriminating learners
  2. creative, critical thinkers
  3. responsible, productive and ethical citizens.