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Work Experience Program

How Does it Work?
You MUST have a JOB at August registration.  Location must be approved by the instructor and must be within the geographic location of the school.  Babysitting does not meet the requirements of this program.
Note: It does not make a difference if you are here on permit. You must comply with the same rules as students who live within the district.

You will be assigned  to a class depending upon the kind of job you have. Our classes are Retail Sales, Child Care, Office or Food Services. You will attend this class once a week. Attendance in this class is MANDATORY in fact, much of your grade depends on excellent attendance.

You must work a minimum of 10 hours per week at your job. Your employer will sign an agreement that you will not be scheduled to work during your class time. Your teacher will come to your job site on a regular basis to evaluate your performance on the job and get time sheets signed.