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Checklist to Earn Seal of Civic Engagement 

  • Be Academically Engaged
    • Attend classes & enthusiastically support the learning process
    • Be on track to graduate with a diploma
    • Complete school course requirements 
  • Demonstrate a competent understanding of the Federal & CA government 
    • 12th-grade students must earn a passing grade in Gov/Econ course (can be AP Gov and/or CP Gov course) 
    • 11th-grade students must earn a passing grade in U.S. History course (can be AP U.S. History course)
  • Participate in a Civic Action Project 
    • Students must complete a Civic Engagement Project with a minimum of thirty verified service hours. 
    • Examples of projects include but are not limited to: 
      • Direct service: volunteering for non-profit organizations 
      • Advocacy: trying to influence decisions at the local, state, or federal level to change policy 
      • Education: raising awareness about a pressing issue or training others to implement a solution 
      • Innovation: developing a unique solution to a persistent problem in the community
    • The project must identify and address a real-world issue 
  • Demonstrate Civic Knowledge and Skills Through Self-Reflection 
    • Option 1: Project - After completion of the Civic Action project, students must complete and submit a written reflection and a formal presentation. 
    • Option 2: Tutoring -  After completion of the required tutoring hours, students must complete and submit a written reflection.  
  • Receive Mentor Recommendation 
    • Obtain one letter of recommendation from your mentor with the option to submit a secondary letter of recommendation from a local, state, or national official, or non-familial community member.   
    • Recommendation is to verify civic engagement competency and commitment to community.
    • Recommenders should complete a recommendation on official letterhead to be submitted to the Civic Engagement Advisor.
  • Submit your work
    • Students will submit all work through Google Classroom. See timeline for submission dates and instructions. 



Contact Ms. Natalie Naberhaus, Civic Engagement Advisor (