Adrianne Alderton
Culinary Arts I

Week One
We'll be going over the class syllabus and begin safety and sanitation.

Class Syllabus

Welcome to Foods and Nutrition!



Class Materials Cost

A class materials cost for the school year is $65.00 and due by September 26, 2014.  The class materials cost can be paid in cash, check, or credit card at the AAC.  If you and your family cannot afford the fee, a letter needs to be written to Mr. Mercer including a brief explanation of the reason the fee cannot be paid and submitted to him.  Students who haven't paid the fee by that date will not be able to participate in labs.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Currently, an egg study guide should be completed and we have finished two labs.  One lab was a fried egg and just completed was an omelette.  Next, we will finish the unit using eggs in a baked food recipe and follow it up with a test next week-October 28 & October 29, 2008.

Halloween Lab
Boooo..... Guess what?   You'll do the math and create a masterpiece to gobble!