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Elizabeth Brasler
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Dear Students, I will try to update this page daily but the most accurate way to get all info. on classwork, homework and tests is to copy down the whiteboard in class, which you are reminded to do daily (as you know, you may also take a photo). If you need clarification, you can send me an an email and I will respond within 24-48 hours. I am available at support and it's a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a few classmates in case all else fails. To reiterate my homework policy: If you have an excused absence, you are to come to support the first school day you return (whether or not you have my class that day), get the work you missed, and turn it at the next class. Write, in red ink at the top of your work, 'was absent' and put in the file next to the front door. If you have been out for a while and have multiple classes for which you need to make up work, I will give you more than one day to make up the work but you still need to come to support your first day back. Each situation will be handled separately.
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