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Welcome to Community Based Instruction Class
The  Curriculum of the Community Based Instruction Class(CBI) is based on Functional Skills. This Curricular Framework is organized to reflect those age-appropriate functional activities for our students, which are frequently demanded in the following domains:

                                            * Self Care, Independent
                                            * Communication
                                            * Vocational
                                            * Recreational, Leisure
                                            * social, Emotional
                                            * Community Access, Motor Skills
                                            * Functional Academics
These functional skills are facilitated through instructional activities and lesson plans in order to enhance students' critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, independence and active learning in all areas of functional academics. The lessons are tailored to students' abilities and needs in group as well as individual settings.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Class Agenda by Periods
Period 1: Developmental Communication
Agenda Content goes here

Period 2: Life Skills Math
Agenda Content goes here

Period 4: Functional Academics


Period 5: Life Skills Science
Agenda Content goes here
Period 6: Functional Development
Agenda Content goes here

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