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R.O.P. Office Occupations is a Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) class designed to give students an opportunity to learn or better their office and job search skills.  A combination of paid, on-the-job training (OJT) and related instruction in the classroom is provided to teach students skills in the real work environment.  This will enable the students to attract better jobs and higher wages.
Office Occupations
Class Syllabus

Class Location – Agoura High School, Room  C-8

School Phone – (818) 889-1262, X-257

Class Meeting Day - Thursday 

Class Time – 1) 3:15 - 5:45


REQUIREMENTS for credit and grade

Attendance -Follow school policy

In order to receive credit for this class, you need 45 hours of class time and at least 200 hours of work time (per semester).  

Students can earn 10 points per day of class attendance.  Points will be deducted for not following class expectations.  Class attendance credit is for full 2.5-hour class time.  Each time you are absent, you receive a zero for that day.  Your grade will drop one letter grade or more per absence.  You can earn extra credit points by working extra hours (this is explained under bonus), however, I will not let you apply these extra credit hours to make up over two absences.


Co-Op Folder and Legal Forms

Once the syllabus (tear off), training agreement, and the training folder are complete and accurate and turned in within one week of distribution, student will receive 10 points.  Points are deducted each week forms are not turned in.  A student will earn an “F” on their report card if all forms are not completed and turned in.


Job Specific Training It is highly recommended that each student keep their current job for the duration of this class.

·         The employer will grade student’s performance on the job site 2 times per semester using the grading guidelines on the time sheet.  Scores are doubled and factored into the student’s grade. 

·         Student will also be given points for each hour they work up to15 max.  (See “Bonus” section for extra credit points).

·         Students are responsible for working the required 10 hours minimum per week.  A student cannot work “0” hours one week and then make it up by working 20 hours the next—it must be 10 hours per week.

·          Remember, no work hour credit given until the training agreement is complete, accurate, and given to Mrs. Orth. 

·         You must keep Mrs. Orth informed as soon as you are aware of a problem.  In the event that your job ends, you have two weeks to find a job.  During this period of unemployment, students will complete and bring to class weekly a “Job Search Log” to show they are actively looking for a job.  The unemployed student will go to a minimum of ten job sites a week.  After two weeks of unemployment, the student may be dropped from class. 

·         Falsifying hours worked or place of employment will result in immediate disciplinary action.  This may include a drop/fail from the class and off campus permit returned.


***In the event that you are absent, it is your responsibility for you to email Mrs. Orth at eorth@lvusd.org notifying her of your absence and your work hours by the end of Friday of that week .  If you fail to do so, you will not receive credit for your hours worked for the week you are absent.***

Grading Components (per semester)   

Forms turned in on time

Class Attendance

Class Assignments/Participation

Tests, Quizzes, etc.

Early Arrivals

Work Hours

Work Evaluations (2)






90% - 100%                  A

80% - 89%                    B

70% - 79%                    C

60% - 69%                    D

59% and Below              F


Parent notification and loss of attendance points for students who do not follow class guidelines.  In addition, school discipline form will be completed and turned in.


·         Students who are respectful, are on time to class every week, do all assignments, have no absences the entire semester, keep the same job all semester, get great job reviews, and work at least ten hours a week, will get an automatic A in the class and will not need to take the final at the end of the year.

·         Students who work over ten hours will receive a point for each hour over ten up to a maximum of 15 hours.  (5 points extra credit possible each week).  If there are three or more absences, the bonus hours will not be applied.


Supplies Needed For This Class

One flash drive (128 mb) for saving your work from the computer, Black Pens, Notebook w/ paper


Class Environment

  • Turn off cell phones and iPods before entering the classroom.  They will be confiscated and parent will be called.
  • Only water permitted in this class-no food.
  • Please use restrooms before class—leaving during class is a disruption to others around you.
  • While in class, work on class assignments only (no playing games, playing with phones, or doing homework from other classes!!)
  • Remember that we need each others’ help to become better listeners
  • Please come to class on time!
  • Respect the classroom equipment
  • Under no circumstances is foul language tolerated!
  • At the end of class, push in your chair.  Leave your work area neat and clean.  Dispose of trash.

As your instructor, I agree to instruct you in positive job search techniques in a clear and precise manner.  I will provide an environment that will help you locate your own job, now or in the future, and ultimately to learn self-sufficiency skills.  I will provide techniques and support on an ongoing basis to enhance your efforts.  I will provide you with the necessary tools you need to succeed.  I will respect and treat you as the intelligent adult men and women you are.  Thank you. 

As the student, I agree to treat this class as I would a job.  I will be on time everyday and I will approach each session open-mindedly with a positive attitude and will use my time productively to learn the skills being taught.   I understand that there is an employee handbook (syllabus) which must be followed, and that violation of this agreement may force my disenrollment from the class for the betterment of the others.  I will come prepared with my own black pen and necessary supplies.  I have read the ROP Office Occupations-CVE Syllabus and completely understand the requirements for this ROP on-the-job training and related instruction class.

This year the early and late Office classes have been combined into one class.  The only class time this class is available is from 3:15 - 5:45.

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