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General Information

Welcome to my home page.  

The most efficient way to contact me is through email at [email protected].  There is also a link to the right.  

Please remember that first semester math finals occur on the last two days before winter break.

Second semester finals occur at different times.  Math Analysis and  Finite Math classes most likely will be taking their finals during senior finals  (due to the number of seniors in the class).  Pre-IB Geometry will also taking their 2nd semester final early (the week of April14) and then we will transition into Algebra in late April or early May.  

Homework is assigned daily.  It will be checked the following class period and be given a point total.  All work must be shown, including copying the problem down, to receive full credit.

Homework can be found online by clicking on the links below or on the links at the top of this page for each individual class.   Be aware that because of schedule variances, the homework assignments can vary slightly.

Calculators are not allowed in Algebra 1P or Algebra 1AB classes.

Calculators using the CAS operating system and Phones, IPods, IPads, etc can not be used as calculators on quizzes or tests in all other classes.


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Michael Magnante

Created: May 20, 2008
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