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Created: Apr 28, 2011
Updated: Aug 20, 2014
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Important Information
Pre-IB Geometry:

Pre-IB Algebra 2 (prerequisite:  Pre-IB Geometry):
The summer assignment is listed on the left.

The summer assignment is MANDATORY.  Students will be tested on the information on the first day of class.  It would be helpful to check out the IB "Math SL" text book CD-rom from the library (save it to your hard drive and return CD to library). 

IB Math SL (prerequisite:  Pre-IB Algebra 2):
The summer assignment will be handed out in Pre-IB/Alg2.  Students will be tested on the summer assignment on the first day of class.

**You need to be sure the Math SL text is saved to your hard-drive for the summer assignment

Contact Info:

General IB info:  Mr. Staiano    D4       [email protected]

Pre-IB Geometry: 
    Mr. Magnante    V205   
[email protected]
    Mr. Stephans    V102   rstephans@lvusd[email protected]   

Pre-IB Algebra II: 
    Miss. Seror   
C6   [email protected]   
    Mrs. Inglis       L6   [email protected]

IB Math SL:  Mrs. Gunby    V208   
[email protected]