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Welcome to ESS English 9
I have high expectations of the students and myself. I take my job seriously, and I hope that all of my students treat their education the same way. I like to work in a positive environment and as a team where we all show respect for one another. I really look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. I think this year will be one of great success and accomplishments.

I encourage open communication between the students, parents, teachers, and administration to develop a positive learning environment. Therefore, if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts please do not hesitate to contact me.


May-End of School Year
5/6/14: CW: Collected HW from TKAM Ch. 7-11 writing response
CW: TKAM Ch. 11 test
CW: TKAM Ch. 12 and 13 summaries handed out and used for Ch. 12 and 13 test
CW: Addressing Envelopes and Writing a Friendly Letter

5/8/14: CW: TKAM Read Ch. 14 and 15
CW: Summaries passed out
HW: Started in class: TKAM Ch. 12, 13, 14, 15 questions all due on 5/12

5/12/14: CW: Collected HW TKAM Ch. 12, 13, 14, 15 questions
CW: Writing Response to article "Would you ride in a car with no driver?"
CW: Started TKAM Movie and took notes
HW: Writing Prompt to TKAM - (passed out)
As the film opens, the credits roll as the camera focuses on a box of objects containing a variety of things that are important to both Jem and Scout. Write an informal essay describing what would be included in a box of items significant in your life. Be sure to make the value of the items understood. For example, a ticket stub in the box should be identified by what event it represented and why the event was important. At least one of the items should serve as a reminder or an important lesson or experience that helped shaped who you are.

5/14/14: CW: Turned in writing response hw
CW: TKAM Read Chapters 16-17
HW: Writing Response to handout 3 paragraphs at least (need introduction, body, conclusion)

5/16/14: CW: Collected writing responses
CW: Reviewed last writing assignment with students individually
CW: TKAM start reading Ch. 18-20
CW: Grammar Lesson 42: Choosing Standard Forms; Lesson 43 Using the Writing Process to Write a Science Report- took notes and completed worksheet
HW: Grammar Lesson 43: Write a Science Report (follow directions on worksheet) (TYPE your response)
HW: Grammar Lesson 44: Unit IV Review
HW: TKAM Read Ch. 18-20 by next class (you may have a test on this)

5/20/14: Turned in HW Grammar Lesson 43 typed paragraph and Lesson 44
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 21-22
CW: In class summaries based on HW reading of TKAM ch. 18-20
HW: Read TKAM Ch. 23-24
HW: Study Grammar Packet for Final and Your Notes

5/22/14: In class summaries based on your TKAM Ch. 23-24 reading
CW: TKAM Read Ch. 25-27; summaries for 23-27 passed out
HW: TKAM Read Ch. 28
HW: Define the 4 vocabulary words on your summary
HW: Writing Response (3 paragraphs): Please write a well-organized and thought out essay to the following questions. Is degrading language ever acceptable? To what extent can degrading language help perpetuate prejudices? Make sure to include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
HW: Study Grammar Packet for Final and Notes

5/28/14: CW: Turned in hw: writing response
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 29-31 and summaries passed out
CW: Vocabulary words for final passed out
CW: To Kill a Mockingbird Facebook Project due day of final on 6/9/14: please attend support if you need help
CW: Notes for final on TKAM reviewed and written down
HW: TKAM Ch. 15-31 test; start studying for your final

CW: TKAM Ch. 15-31 test
CW: TKAM Movie
HW: Study for final on Monday 6/9 (Grammar, Vocabulary, and Written Response)
HW: Fake Facebook Page Due Monday 6/9

On Thursday, 6/5, you will be tested on the notes taken last class on the novel TKAM

March - April Homework
3/31/14: CW: Collected Education quote from hw given last class
CW: Worked on TKAM Chapter questions
CW: TKAM Ch. 9 read (finish last 2 pages for hw)
HW: TKAM Ch. 9 finish reading the last 2 pages
HW: TKAM Ch. 9 test next class
HW: TKAM CH. 10-11 vocab words used in detailed sentences
HW: TKAM Ch. 9-11 packet- only do the first page-vocabulary

4/2/14: CW: Turned in Ch. 9-11 packet (first page)
CW: TKAM Ch. 10-11 words used in vocab sentences hw turned in
CW: TKAM Ch. 9 test
CW: TKAM response to quote "You never really understand a person ..."
CW: Laws of Life worksheet/activity
HW: TKAM Ch. 10-11 Vocab test next class
HW: Character packet due next class

4/4/14: CW: Collected Character packet
CW: TKAM Ch. 10-11 Vocab test
CW: Revisions on previous writing assignments made (Boo Radley response and Education response)
CW: Dialect worksheet
HW: Finish Dialect worksheet

4/8/14: CW: Collected Dialect worksheets
CW: Corrected Dialect worksheets
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 10
CW: Wrote Ch. 10 Summary
CW: TKAM Quotes written down on your quote sheets
HW: TKAM Ch. 10 test next class (re-read chapter)
HW: TKAM answer questions for Ch. 10 in packet in complete, detailed sentences


CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 10 HW ?'s
CW: TKAM Ch. 10 Test
CW: Started TKAM ch. 12 vocab words in sentences
CW: Grammar Lesson 37: Writing a Friendly Letter, Lesson 38: Writing Envelope Addresses took notes and completed worksheets
HW: Bring a stamp next class
HW: Study and know how to address an envelope and how to write a friendly letter (know the parts)
HW: TKAM Ch. 9-11 Packet answer #1,3,4,5 and respond to the writing activity

4/14/14: CW: Collected and corrected hw
*NOTE: Please make sure that you are answering your questions in complete sentences and restating the question within your answer. We have gone over this since the beginning of the school year. Points will be taken off if this is not done accordingly.*
CW: Quiz on Parts of a Letter and Addressing Envelopes
CW: TKAM Ch. 12 sentences-worked on in class and turned in
HW: TKAM Ch. 12 vocab test next class
HW: Study Envelope and Parts of a Letter notes and grammar worksheets again
HW: Bring stamp to class

4/16/14: CW: Collected Unit IV Grammar Notes
CW: Quiz on Parts of a Letter and Addressing Envelopes (repeat of last class' test) (students were informed to study again the different parts)
Reviewed answers from test and took notes
CW: Grammar Lesson 39: Using Saw and Seen; Lesson 40: Using Did and Done- took notes on both lessons and completed worksheets; Grammar Lesson 41: Punctuation and Capitalization (checked student packets and notes for credit)
CW: Checked and collected stamps for upcoming project
HW: Know the Parts of a Letter and Addressing an Envelope

Have a wonderful Spring Break!!!

CW: Journal #4 p. 11 What I did over Spring Break!
CW: Went to counseling office to verify classes for next year with counselors
CW: Started TKAM CH. 11
CW: Ch. 11 summary handed out
HW: Finish reading TKAM Ch. 11
HW: TKAM Ch. 11 test next class
HW: TKAM Ch. 9-11 packet finish the rest of the packet in full (?'s 2,6,7; Questions for discussion 1 & 2, Literary Device, and Literary Element)

8/28/13: Today in class we started the story:  The Most Dangerous Game p.17-34

Homework: Finish reading The Dangerous Game p.27-34, answer the following questions on p. 35 # 1 and 5 in complete sentences, complete the Vocabulary Study portion on p. 36 #1-8

Please bring journals on Friday
Students are allowed to make up the first homework assignment from 8/22 which was to use each of the 10 vocabulary words from their list copied in class in a complete sentence. Also, please write down the antonym for each of the 10 vocabulary words

8/30/13: CW: today we worked on Grammar Lesson 1: Writing Names (took notes and completed worksheet), took notes for Grammar Lesson 2: Writing Titles Before Names and Initials of Names

HW: complete Grammar Lesson 2: Writing Titles Before Names and Initial of Names worksheet (please follow the instructions)

HW: go online and look up what you name means and where your name was derived from (comes from) and write it on a separate sheet of paper to turn in

9/4/13: CW: Collected and corrected Grammar Lesson 2 hw, collected and shared what your name means
CW: Grammar Lesson 3: Using Capital Letters Worksheet
CW: Vocabulary Words #1-10 Unit 1 Synonyms Worksheet copied down, need to complete per directions on page

HW: Study for Vocabulary Unit 1 #1-10 test on 9/10/13 (know the meaning of the word and its part of speech)

HW: Complete the Synonyms Worksheet using your Vocabulary Unit 1 #1-10 words

Have a great 4 day weekend

9/10/13: CW: collected and corrected matching synonyms to the vocab word exercise
CW: Vocab Unit 1 #1-10 test
CW: in class assessment (reading comprehension and vocab) (wasn't assigned on any specific topic)
CW: Unit 1 Vocab words #11-20 given and worksheet given
HW: Vocab Unit 1 words #11-20 used in complete detailed sentences
HW: Complete Vocab worksheet (has antonyms and synonyms on it)

9/12/13: CW: collected vocabulary sentences and vocabulary worksheet homework
CW: Dangerous Game vocabulary worksheet
CW: Grammar: Complete and Incomplete Sentences; Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
HW: Grammar Lesson 3: Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences
HW: Study the 4 different types of sentences (we studied this a few weeks ago, you need to know the difference between the 4 sentences)

9/16/13: CW: collected and corrected grammar lesson 3-4 homework
CW: Quiz on the 4 different types of sentences: state them, define them, give an example of each using correct punctuation
CW: Glossary of Literary Terms for plays packet handed out and reviewed the first 4 words
CW: Brief introduction for Shakespeare Project discussed (Wed. students will receive official assignment with details and rubric)
CW: Passed on Shakespeare Biography and reviewed last page
HW: Test on Unit 1 Vocabulary words #11-20 next class, Wed. 9/18
HW: Spike Lee Reading comprehension packet-complete in full due next class, Wed. 9/18
HW: William Shakespeare Biography test on Fri. from today's handout

9/18/13: CW: collected Spike Lee reading packet
CW: Vocab Unit 1 #11-20 words test
CW: Reviewed William Shakespeare Biography packet, reviewed test that is this Friday 9/20
CW: Reviewed and handed out Shakespeare Vocabulary, highlighted the 15 words that will be on the test on 9/25; test consists of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank
CW: Passed Out and Reviewed Shakespeare Project Instructions and Rubric
HW: Color Her Creative Packet complete entire packet except for page 13
HW: Shakespeare Biography test this Friday 9/20-reviewed test in class
HW: Shakespeare Vocab test on 9/25 on the highlighted words


Please come to support if you need help on your project, assignments, homework, studying for quizzes/tests, or have questions.

9/20/13: CW: Turned in homework Color Her Creative packet
CW: William Shakespeare Biography test
CW: Writing Topic Sentences Packet
CW: Writing Topics Handout passed out and reviewed Test on this handout next week on 9/27
HW: William Shakespeare Vocabulary test on 9/25-we highlighted the words in class on Wed. for the test
HW: Test on Writing Topics handout on 9/27
HW: Work on your Shakespeare project due 10/1

9/25/13: CW: Shakespeare Vocab. Test
CW: Grammar Lesson 4: Recognizing Sentences, Lesson 5 Using Capital Letters, Lesson 6 Punctuating Sentences, took notes on each lesson and completed the worksheets
CW: Grammar Packet #2 Subjects, Predicates reviewed
HW: Lesson 7 Punctuating Three Kinds of Sentences worksheet
HW: Grammar Packet #2 p. 14 #1-10, p. 18 #1-10, p. 19 #1-10
HW: Writing Handout test Friday

9/27/13: CW: collected and corrected grammar homework from both packets
CW: Writing Handout Test
CW: Grammar Packet #2 Complete and Simple Subjects; The Verb (started in class this section)
HW: Finish The Verb section p. 22-23 in full

October Homework
10/1/13: CW: Presented William Shakespeare Project
CW: Turned in Grammar Packet #2 p.22-23 homework
CW: Notes on how to give a presentation
HW: Respond to the following quote: "If you judge people, you have no time to love them"
needs to be 1 page long, what does the quote mean to you?, give examples, how does it effect others?, state if you agree or disagree with the quote and why, add any comments or thoughts you have about this quote, does it relate to you? Due on Thursday 10/3

10/3/13: CW: Collected response to quote
CW: Reviewed Romeo and Juliet background information, characters, and vocabulary words for Act 1 Scenes 1 & 2 (took notes)
HW: Define each vocabulary word and write the part of speech for each word (go online to dictionary.com) due Monday 10/7

We will start reading Romeo and Juliet on Monday 10/7

10/7/13: CW: Collected vocabulary words and together we reviewed the parts of speech and definitions. Test will be on Tuesday 10/15-know the definitions and parts of speech
CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scenes 1 and 2 in class
CW: Got into groups and wrote summaries for Rome and Juliet Act 1 Scenes 1 and 2
HW: Answer Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scenes 1 and 2 questions in complete sentences (make sure you are restating the questions in your answers for full credit) due Wed. 10/9
HW: Write each vocabulary word in a sentence correctly showing your comprehension of the word due Friday 10/11

10/9/13: CW: Collected and corrected hw ?'s from Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scenes 1 and 2
CW: Classroom discussion on summary of Act 1 scenes 1 and 2, discussion on who your favorite character is and why and how this character and you are similar
CW: Grammar from packet #1 Lesson 8-Using is and are, Lesson 9-Using was and were, Lesson 10-Writing Three Kinds of Sentences
HW: Finish Lesson 10-Writing Three Kinds of Sentences and Lesson 11-Unit Review due Friday 10/11
HW: Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary words used in detailed sentences due Friday 10/11

10/11/13 CW: Collected vocabulary sentences and grammar homework
CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scenes 3-5
and discussed what happened
CW: Worked in groups on Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scenes 3-5 summary and character traits
HW: Vocabulary test on Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scenes 1-2 words Tuesday 10/15
HW: Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Test on Tuesday 10/15

10/15: CW: worked in groups from last class to finish worksheets
CW: Took Act 1 Romeo and Juliet test
CW: Vocabulary Test Act 1 Scenes 1-2 test
CW: Corrected and Reviewed Grammar Lesson 10 and 11
CW: Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scenes 3-5 vocabulary words given in class
HW: Define and write the parts of speech for each vocabulary word for Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scenes 3-5

10/17/13: CW: Checked vocabulary definitions and gave copy of correct definitions for studying
CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 1 & 2, class discussion, and worksheet filled out
CW: Wrote a paragraph on your favorite character from Romeo and Juliet and how you and that character have similar personalities traits
HW: Vocabulary words for Act 1 scenes 3-5 from Romeo and Juliet need to be used in detailed sentences
HW: Vocabulary test Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scenes 3-5 on Tuesday 10/22; also be prepared for a quiz on what we read today Act 2 scenes 1 & 2

CW: Turned in Hw: vocab sentences from Act 1 Scenes 3-5
CW: Worked on writing assignment: 3 paragraph essay on the perfect mate (related to Romeo and Juliet)

CW: reviewed R&J Act 2 scenes 1 and 2
HW: Test on Vocab words Act 1 scenes 3-5 (know the definitions and parts of speech)
HW: Test on Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 1 and 2 next class
HW: 2 paragraph written assignment on love and hate in Romeo and Juliet


CW: Turned in HW: love and hate paragraph on Romeo and Juliet

CW: Took Romeo and Juliet Vocab Act 1 scenes 3-5 test, took Act 2 scenes 1 and 2 test

CW: Finished perfect mate 3 paragraph essay

CW: Reviewed for Grammar Unit 1 test

HW: Study for Grammar Unit 1 test 3 packets and notes-test on 10/29/13

CW: Romeo and Juliet Timeline (started for the acts/scenes that we have read so far)
CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 3-5
HW: Grammar Test Unit 1 Wed
HW: Response to quote from Romeo and Juliet
Respond to the following quote from Romeo and Juliet. Describe in detail what this means and how it could be helpful or a problem. "This marriage may be lucky enough to turn the hatred between your families into pure love."

CW: Turned in response to quote hw
CW: Took Grammar Unit 1 test
CW: Started to define and write the part of speech for Romeo and Juliet vocabulary words Act 2 Scenes 3-5
HW: Finish defining and writing the parts of speech for Act 2 Scenes 3-5 vocab words

Words: vice, anxiety, feasting, absolution, hussy, newfangled, blithering, indite, abbey, drudge, blush, virtuous, duel, fashionmonger, gypsy

CW: Turned in hw: definitions and parts of speech of Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 3-5 vocabulary words
CW: Used each vocabulary word in a sentence
CW: Grammar Unit 2 Lesson 12: Reviewing Sentences-took notes and completed worksheet; Lesson 13: Using there is and there are-took notes and completed worksheet
HW: Romeo and Juliet Vocab Test on Thursday 11/7 on Act 2 scenes 3-5 words

November Homework


CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 6

CW: Romeo and Juliet Timeline completed up to Act 2

CW: Group work on Romeo and Juliet Act 2 quotes: find who said the quote and write what it means

HW: Act 1 Romeo and Juliet packet complete all by Thursday (do not need to do the writing connection on page 4 and do not do part B on page 8)

HW: Vocabulary Test Act 2 Scenes 3-5 test Thursday

CW: Turned in HW R&J Packet
CW: Took R&J Act 2 Scenes 3-5 Vocab Test
CW: Wrote a 2 paragraph response to the quote, "He does everything by the book."
CW: Act 3 Scenes 1-3 Vocab words copied down and worked on definitions during class
HW: Finish defining vocabulary words
HW: Go online and find a sonnet. Print out the sonnet and bring it to class. Remember a sonnet is a poem.

11/12/13: CW: Turned in Sonnet (we will be working on this in class within the upcoming weeks)
CW: Vocab words given copy of words for test on Mon. 11/18 Act 3 Scenes 1-3
CW: Descriptive Paragraph on the different types of clothing that students on campus wear
and class discussion
HW: Descriptive Paragraph on a famous and influential person that was picked in class on the different types of clothing that he/she wears (we will be relating this to the different types of clothing worn during Romeo and Juliet's time period)

11/13/13: CW: Turned in Descriptive Paragraph on clothing that famous person wears

CW: Worked on writing- expectations

HW: Test on Vocab Act 3 Scenes 1-3 Monday

HW: Descriptive Paragraph on paper given to you. Go online and look at pictures of the clothing worn during the time of Romeo and Juliet, during the 1500’s. You need to write a descriptive paragraph with details about the clothing and fashion during that time period. To start your paragraph write an eye catching statement (discussed in class). Then, write one statement about the clothes/style and then provide 1-2 sentences that support that statement. Next, write another statement and 1-2 sentences that support that statement. Lastly, write a 3rd statement with 1-2 detailed sentences that relate to that statement.

(The 3 paragraphs that we have and written will be turned into one big essay that we will be working on in class)

11/18/13 CW: Turned in HW: descriptive paragraph on clothing that Romeo and Juliet wore during their time period

CW: Vocab test Act 3 scenes 1-3 test

CW: Worked on correcting our descriptive paragraphs; continued writing notes and copy given; started introduction paragraph on clothing example given

HW: Write your introductory paragraph for your 5 paragraph descriptive essay on clothing



11/20/13: CW: Checked Introduction paragraph from HW for points;

CW: Edited our current paragraphs and wrote conclusion

HW: Finish any paragraph that has not yet been completed in full and make any corrections; Friday you will be writing your final 5 paragraph essay in class

11/22/13: CW: Completed the final 5 paragraph in class essay



12/3/13: CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scenes 1-3

CW: Copied down vocab words for RJ Act 3 Scene 3

HW: Define and write part of speech for RJ Act 3 Scene 3 vocab words- test on words is Monday 12/9

HW: Answer questions in complete sentences for RJ Act 3 Scenes 1-2

HW: Test on RJ Act 3 Scenes 1-3 on Monday

Second Semester
1/27/14: CW: Key Direction Words Vocabulary Test (second half)
CW: Grammar: Lesson 29 Writing Titles, Lesson 30 Punctuation and Capitalization, Lesson 31 Choosing Standard Forms, Lesson 32 Writing Sentences that Compare took notes and completed worksheets
HW: Lesson 33 Unit Review
HW: Test on Friday on Grammar Unit III packet and notes
HW: Make sure to go the AHS library and check out To Kill a Mockingbird novel to bring to class on Friday

1/29/14: CW: Collected and Corrected Grammar Lesson 33 HW
CW: Essay Response to Would You Rather Have Four or Five Days of School
HW: Grammar Unit III Test

1/31/14: Grammar Unit III Test
Vocab. Unit 4 test on Thursday 2/6/14

2/4/14: In class open essay response to "Losing is Good for You"
HW: Study Vocabulary Unit 4 words test is on Thursday (practice words on link on website)

2/6/14: CW: Vocabulary Unit 4 Test
CW: To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) notes on book and characters-keep to study
CW: Unit 5 Vocabulary words passed out test will be on 2/14/14 (Friday)
HW: Unit 5 Vocabulary-Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheet due by 2/10/14 (Monday)
HW: Read Great Depression packet- will discuss in class on Monday (related to TKAM)

2/10/14: Turned in Vocab Unit 5 Synonyms and Antonyms hw sheet
CW: Reviewed Great Depression packet and discussed in class
CW: Finished notes on TKAM characters
CW: Grammar Unit IV Lesson 34 Using Commas, Lesson 35 Using Troublesome Words, took notes and completed worksheet
HW: Unit 5 Vocabulary words use each in a sentence (create your own sentences)

2/12/14: Turn in Vocab Unit 5 words in sentences hw from last class
CW: Reviewed TKAM characters with a partner
In class assessment on vocabulary and comprehension
HW: Unit 5 vocab test Fri. go on website and click on link for vocabulary practice to help study for test
HW: Review TKAM characters

2/14/14: CW: Vocab Unit 5 test
CW: Vocab Unit 6 antonyms/synonyms worksheet and write each word in a sentence
HW: Finish vocab unit 6 sentences and antonyms/synonyms worksheet

2/19/14: CW: Turned in Vocab Unit 6 sentences and Unit 6 synonyms/antonyms worksheet
CW: Corrected Synonyms/antonyms worksheet
CW: Reviewed online for vocab unit 6 test
CW: Semantic and Punctuation Assessment
CW: To Kill a Mockingbird Power Point
HW: Study for Unit 6 Vocab test Friday

2/21/14: CW: Unit 6 Vocab Test
CW: Watch Shakespeare movie

2/25/14 CW: Hand out A&P by John Updike read with class and started answering the questions on a separate piece of paper

HW: Finish A&P questions

2/27/14 CW: Collected the A&P questions

CW: Understanding Persuasion Packet.
Homework: Finish Understanding Persuasion Packet

3/3/14: CW: Collected Understanding Persuasion Packet

CW: Finished Shakespeare Movie

CW: Passed out TKAM Vocab words

CW: Journal Entry # 2 p. 7 Describe a time when you were brave.

CW: TKAM map of Maycomb County

HW: Finish Map of Maycomb County and Vocab test on Friday

3/5/14: CW: Collected Maycomb County Map
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 1, passed out summary for chapter
CW: Journal # 3 p. 9 Describe in detail what makes you nervous and give examples
HW: TKAM Ch. 1 worksheet- both sides and answer ?'s in complete detailed sentences
HW: TKAM vocabulary test and Ch. 1 test

3/7/14: CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 1 hw worksheet and corrected in class
CW: Took TKAM vocab test and Ch. 1 test
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 2 in class, passed out summary for Ch. 2 and reviewed, passed out Ch. 2 vocabulary words
HW: TKAM Ch. 2 vocab words used in detailed sentences due Tuesday 3/11
HW: TKAM Ch. 2 vocab test on Tuesday 3/11

3/11/14: CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 2 vocab sentences
CW: TKAM Ch. 2 vocab test
CW: Read TKAM Ch. 3, passed out ch. 3 summary
CW: Ch. 3 TKAM vocab words passed out
HW: Ch. 2 & 3 TKAM worksheet- answer in complete detailed sentences
HW: Ch. 3 TKAM vocab words used in sentences
HW: Ch. 3 TKAM Vocab test on Thurs.
HW: Ch. 2 & 3 TKAM test on Thurs.
*NOTE: Please attend support or see me during lunch if you need help with TKAM. Also, re-read the chapters, review summary handouts, and go to sparknotes.com for help with TKAM.*

3/13/14: CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 3 sentences; collected TKAM Ch. 2 & 3 worksheet
CW: TKAM Ch. 3 vocab test; TKAM Ch. 2 & 3 Test
CW: TKAM Ch. 4 vocab words copied down
CW: TKAM Ch. 4 read and summary given
HW: TKAM Ch. 4 vocab words use in detailed sentences
HW: TKAM Ch. 4-6 worksheet packet (only do the first page that says vocab) do not go ahead as we have not read ch. 5 or 6
HW: TKAM Ch. 4 test on Monday
HW: TKAM Ch. 4 vocab test on Monday

3/17/14: CW: Collected Ch. 4 vocab words in sentences and Vocab page in Ch. 4-6 worksheet
CW: TKAM Ch. 4 test
CW: TKAM CH. 4 vocab test
CW: TKAM read ch. 5 and summary passed out
CW: TKAM ch. 5 vocab words passed out
HW: TKAM Ch. 5 vocab words used in detailed sentences (Started in class) make sure to show that you understand what the word means in your sentences
HW: TKAM Ch. 5 and 6 test on Friday
HW: TKAM Ch. 5 vocab test on Wed.
HW: TKAM Ch. 6 vocab test on Friday

3/19/14: CW: Collected TKAM CH. 5 vocab sentences
CW: Ch. 5 TKAM Vocab test
CW: TKAM Ch. 6 read
CW: TKAM Ch. 6 vocab words put into sentences
CW: Grammar Lesson 36: Writing a Friendly Letter-took notes and completed worksheet
HW: TKAM Ch. 6 vocab test
HW: TKAM Ch. 5-6 summary test
HW: TKAM Ch. 4-6 packet completed in full...answers need to be in complete sentences

3/21/14: CW:Collected TKAM Hw Packet Ch. 4-6
CW: TKAM Ch. 5&6 Test
CW: TKAM Ch. 6 Vocab test
CW: TKAM read ch. 7 & 8 and summaries passed out
CW: TKAM Ch. 7 Vocab words passed out-use each in a detailed sentence-started in class
HW: TKAM Ch. 7 finish writing sentences for vocabulary words
HW: TKAM Ch. 7 & 8 worksheet-answer in complete detailed sentences
HW: TKAM Ch. 7 test on Tuesday
HW: TKAM Ch. 7 Vocab test on Tuesday

3/25/14: CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 7 vocab sentences and Ch. 7-8 worksheet packet-corrected
CW: TKAM Ch. 7 Vocab test
CW: TKAM Ch. 7-8 test
CW: TKAM Character worksheet (worked on in groups)
CW: TKAM Ch. 8-9 Vocab words passed out and started writing sentences
HW: TKAM Ch. 8-9 finish vocab words used in sentences
HW: Boo Radley Writing Response
HW: TKAM Ch. 8-9 Vocab test

3/27/14: CW: TKAM vocab sentences for Ch. 8-9 turned in
CW: TKAM Ch. 8-9 vocab test
CW: TKAM Big Ideas and Themes worksheet
CW: TKAM notes taken on character, themes, big ideas
CW: TKAM questions packet
HW: Writing response on separate sheet of paper, respond to education quote in at least 2 paragraphs due on Monday

12/9/13: CW: Collected Homework- sentences for vocabulary words from Act 3 Scene 3

CW: Lesson 14: Writing the Names of Days of the Week; Lesson 15: Writing the Names of Months of the Year; Lesson 16: Writing the Names of Holidays, Special Days, and Seasons; Lesson 17: Capitalization; Lesson 18: Using There Was and There Were; Lesson 19: Writing Dates; Lesson 20: Choosing Standard Forms took notes and completed worksheets

HW: Lesson 21: Writing Sentences Using the First-Person Voice; Lesson 22: Unit II Review complete each lesson in full

12/11/13: CW: Collected and corrected Grammar Lesson 21 & 22 homework

CW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scenes 4-5 and all of Act 4

CW: Study guide for grammar portion of the final given out; after we finish Romeo and Juliet on Friday go on sparknotes.com and take the quiz for Romeo and Juliet to help you study

HW: Study grammar notes and packet for Unit II which is on your final

12/13/13: CW: Finish reading Romeo and Juliet Act 5

HW: Study for final

January 2014 Classwork and Homework
Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a great break.

1/6/14: CW: Finished Romeo and Juliet Movie
CW: Unit 2 Vocabulary worksheets given
HW: Complete both vocabulary worksheets by Wednesday. Test on words and parts of speech on Friday

*Reminder- please make sure to do your homework and if you need help come to support*
CW: Checked and corrected vocabulary homework
CW: Grammar: Lesson 23 Writing Abbreviations, Lesson 24 Writing Contractions, Lesson 25 Using Contractions, Lesson 26 Using Their, There, and They're, Lesson 27 Using May and Can, took notes and completed worksheets
CW: Reviewed Vocabulary Practice the class website
HW: Vocabulary Test on Friday

1/10/14: CW: Took Vocabulary Unit 2 test
CW: Vocabulary Unit 3 worksheets worked on (turned in synonyms and antonyms sheet for points in class)
HW: Bring Journals for Tuesday's class. Points will be taken off if you do not have it
HW: Study Unit 3 Vocabulary words and parts of speech. Test is on Thursday 1/16/14

1/14/14: CW: Passed back vocabulary unit 3 synonyms and antonyms worksheets
CW: Journal check and Journal p. 1-4; Journal Entry #1 p. 5 What is respect?
CW: Grammar Lesson 28 Using A and An took notes and completed worksheet
CW: Writing; Key direction words list given test on first 8 words on Tues. 1/21 and the rest on Thurs. 1/23; started Family writing prompt
HW: Vocabulary Unit 3 test this Thursday
HW: Key direction words test on Tues. 1/21 the first 8 words and Thurs. 1/23 the rest of the words
HW: Finish Journal p. 2 by next class (all about you and put a picture in it)

CW: Turn in Journal from last class HW
CW: Vocabulary Unit 3 test
CW: Family Writing Essay In Class
HW: Key Direction Words test on words #1-8

CW: Key Direction Words test #1-8
CW: Writing Response to article on tablets replacing textbooks
HW: Unit 4 Vocabulary worksheet due Thurs.
HW: Key Direction Words test on last set of words on Thurs.

CW: Collected Vocabulary Unit 4 Antonyms and Synonyms Sheet
*Class went to the PAEC today for a presentation on library*
HW: Key Directions word test #1-8 put off until Monday 1/27/13


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