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Created: Jan 26, 2011
Updated: Oct 8, 2015
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Welcome to ESS English 9
I have high expectations of the students and myself. I take my job seriously, and I hope that all of my students treat their education the same way. I like to work in a positive environment and as a team where we all show respect for one another. I really look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. I think this year will be one of great success and accomplishments.

I encourage open communication between the students, parents, teachers, and administration to develop a positive learning environment. Therefore, if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts please do not hesitate to contact me.


Classwork and Homework
October Classwork and Homework
10/8/15: CW: Collected Vocabulary Unit 3 HW; Students highlighted vocabulary words that will be on their test next class; TKAM Ch. 4 read; TKAM Maycomb County map

HW: Unit 3 Vocabulary test next class on 10/13; finish Maycomb County Map; TKAM Ch. 4 test next class

10/6/15: CW: Reviewed and discussed theme songs chosen for characters from previous assignment; Google Classroom Assignment: Segregation during the time period TKAM took place

Go to the above link and read the information under each tab on the left side. After reading this, you will write a narrative describing experiences of what your life would be like if during this time period in the United States. Remember that you need to write a response that establishes a clear point of view, use clear language, use strong sensory details to make these events come to life, and write a concluding paragraph that ends your point of view.

Unit 3 vocabulary words passed out

HW: Unit 3 vocabulary worksheet passed out and pick 12 out of the 20 words and complete the given worksheets to you (word, part of speech, antonyms, synonyms, history of the word, use the word in a sentence) (I’ve given you the word, definition, and part of speech already)

10/2/15: Turned in TKAM Ch. 2 & 3 worksheet; TKAM Ch. 2 and 3 test; Google classroom assignment: Please respond  to the following quote by providing your comments, thoughts, and opinions. Please also state what this means. You will also need to politely comment on one of your classmates responses providing your agreement, comments, or opinions.

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view----until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."


HW: Logon to google classroom and complete the following assignment: Song Theme for Each Character

Please provide the title of the song and artist that you think matches each of the following character's personality based on what you know of them so far. Please state why you think this song best suits each person. No profanity is allowed.
Miss Caroline


Continued September Classwork and Homework
9/30/15: CW: Collected article summary; Read TKAM Ch. 2 and 3 and as a class created summaries (attached on website and google classroom); Class time given for novel packet questions to work on

HW: TKAM Ch. 2 & 3 worksheet complete on a separate sheet of paper in complete sentences (restate the question); Test on TKAM Ch. 2 and 3 next class; work on novel packet questions to stay on top of the packet

9/28/15: CW: Took Vocabulary Unit 2 test; Grammar Lesson 8: Using Is and Are, Lesson 9: Using Was and Were took notes (posted on the website and google classroom) and completed worksheets; Article “Second Harper Lee novel to be published in July” and quiz on article (open note); Article “Harper Lee’s Novel Achievement” started to read in class

HW: Finish reading article, “Harper Lee’s Novel Achievement” and write a 10-12 sentence a summary summarizing what the article is about (you can type this on google docs and share it with me at katrinajacobsen@lvusd.org)

9/24/15: CW: Collected TKAM Ch. 1 worksheet; Collected vocabulary synonym practice print out; Discussion on what happened in Ch. 1; TKAM Ch. 1 test; Vocabulary worksheet

HW: Vocabulary Unit 2 Test on the following 10 words (avowed, banter, detriment, enterprising, frugal, glut, incognito, maim, oblique, venerate); Practice the vocabulary definitions and parts of speech on the link in google classroom and on the website

9/21/15: CW: Turned in HW: TKAM Ch. 1 10-12 sentence paragraph summarizing what happened; CW: Journal Entry #3 p. 9 How do you think television, movies, and the Internet have impacted our imagination? What do you think would spend your time doing/imagining if you had no access to TV, movies, or a computer?; Passed out Chapter Questions for To Kill a Mockingbird that is due after we finishing reading the novel-day you take test on the book (suggestion: after finishing reading each chapter, I would answer the questions in this packet so you don’t fall behind. Please attend support period and I will help you); Passed out TKAM Images, Symbols, Motifs Sheet (hang onto-we will fill out during class together); Passed out TKAM Character Chart (hang onto-we will fill out during class together); TKAM Ch. 1 worksheet (worked on in groups); Vocabulary Unit 2 words passed out

HW: TKAM test on Ch. 1 next class; Finish TKAM Ch. 1 worksheet if you didn’t in class (I’ll be collecting them next class); Go online and answer the Synonym practice portion and print out your results to turn in next class

*Reminder: you will have a test after each chapter we read in class the next class period*

*Remember to restate the questions in your answers*

*Check google classroom for announcements and assignments*

9/15/15: CW: Took STAR Renaissance test online; Grammar Unit 1 Lesson 1-4 Quiz; Checked Grammar Lesson 5 and corrected it; Grammar Lesson 6: Punctuating Sentences and Lesson 7: Punctuating Three Kinds of Sentences took notes (also on website to print out and google classroom)


HW: Grammar Lessons 6 & 7; Review Grammar notes; Bring TKAM book as we will be reading it next class

9/17/15: CW: Turned in Grammar Lessons 6 & 7 worksheets; Journal Entry #2 p. 7 Tell about a time when you were embarrassed; TKAM Read Ch. 1

HW: Write a 10-12 sentence paragraph summarizing TKAM Ch. 1


August Classwork and Homework

8/19/15: CW: Introduction and review of syllabus

HW: Get Syllabus Signed and return next class; Get a college ruled spiral notebook for journal writing by 8/28

8/20/15: CW: Turn in signed syllabus; Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test; Grammar Assessment; Semantic Inventory assessment; Went to library to get grammar; Vocabulary Unit 1 List reviewed and given

HW: Get a college ruled spiral notebook for journal writing by 8/28; Vocabulary Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms sheet due next class

8/24/15: CW: Checked and corrected synonyms and antonyms worksheets; Plagiarism sheet and discussion; laptops and use of vocabulary practice website; Grammar Unit 1 Lesson 1 Writing Names, took notes

HW: Get a college ruled spiral notebook for journal writing by 8/28; get plagiarism sheet signed and review it for test next class 8/26; Vocabulary Unit 1 Words #1-10 test on Friday 8/28; Grammar Lesson 1 Writing Names sheet due next class

8/26/15: CW: Checked and Corrected Grammar Lesson 1 homework; Plagiarism signatures collected and test; Grammar Lesson 2 Writing Titles Before Names and Initials of Names took notes and worked on worksheet

HW: Get a college ruled spiral notebook for journal writing by next class; Vocab Unit 1 Words #1-10 test next class; Grammar Lesson 2 finish by next class


8/28/15: CW: Checked Grammar Lesson 2; Vocabulary Unit 1 test; Journal p. 1-5, p. 5 Journal Entry #1 Write about one day that you will never forget. Tell what happened and why it was special and memorable

HW: P. 2 of Journal-Get a baby picture and attach it in your journal and below it write about why you chose this specific picture and what’s happening in it?;  finish p. 5 in Journals : Journal Entry #1 Write about one day that you will never forget. Tell what happened and why it was special and memorable.

September Classwork and Homework

9/1/15: CW: Collected Journals; TKAM Notes (copy given); TKAM Introduction Vocabulary Words (copy given); Discussion on Handouts “The Great Depression, Legal Segregation, Separate but Equal?, Justice for All” (read packet and talked about)

HW: TKAM Introductory Vocabulary Words test on definitions and parts of speech next class

9/3/15: CW: TKAM Introductory Vocabulary Words test; Library to get TKAM book; TKAM Powerpoint presented in class; TKAM review of characters in novel

HW: Go on website and printing out TKAM characters and study them for a test next class

9/8/15: CW: Writing Organization Handout and reviewed; narrative paragraph hand out and review; write 2-3 paragraphs that each have 10-12 sentences in them for the picture and prompt given for narrative writing assignment

HW: TKAM Character test

9/10/15: CW: TKAM Character test; Grammar Lesson 3: Using Capital Letters, Lesson 4: Recognizing Sentences took notes and completed worksheets; started Lesson 5: Using Capital Letters; used Acer laptops to add google classroom

HW: Finish Grammar Lesson 5: Using Capital Letters worksheet if not finished in class; Grammar Quiz on notes for Lessons 1-4; Bring Acer Laptops for the STAR Renaissance online test; Grammar notes are on the website under "documents for class"