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About Scifres

I have been teaching at Agoura for eight years and feel fortunate to work with, to positively influence, and to learn from the world’s most valuable resource – its youth.  I accept nothing but the best from my students, and in return will give them nothing but my best as an educator. Most importantly, I look forward to building a positive relationship with every student who enters the doors of my classroom.  Outside of the workplace, I spend most of my time with my wife Mary and our 19 month old daughter, Ava.  Mary and I have had an amazing year thus far and we are loving every minute of being new parents!    

Important Information
Course Description

     The word -- spoken, written, thought -- is full of powerful potential. The study of language and literature, then, becomes a study of works that have shaped our culture and our thinking.  But not only that, working hard at the way we use language becomes a key to effective communication, powerful expression, and clear thinking. To this end, this English course will stress clear and logical thinking, strong study in the conventions of language, reading, critical thinking, speaking, and listening.  Students will learn to deal with the various writing situations with which they will be faced, and to do so with calm confidence. 

      English I and II are intensive college preparatory courses that cover various types of literature through the study of literature genres such as the short story, play, novel, and poem.  Students will work on refining the expository essay, descriptive and narrative writing, and the research process.  Students will continue to develop their language skills through the study of college preparatory vocabulary, grammar, and oral speaking.
Do you know that you can check your grade online at any time?  I keep my grades on Aeries; Here you can stay on top of your child progress in the class and catch any problems before they progress.  If you do not have a username or password you can stop by the counseling office with a photo ID and the registrar can give you both.  You can access the aeries website from a link on the side bar of my page.
All major writing assignments are required to be submitted to turnitin.com. 

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Created: May 16, 2008
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