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Welcome to Mrs. Robinson's Period 4 & 6 Page!
Please find my classroom policies below. A separate copy will be sent home.
Mrs. Robinson’s Classroom Policies

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to Agoura High School.  I hope that you had an enjoyable summer and are ready to start the school year.  Below is an overview and list of expectations for my Essential World History class.  I am excited to have you in my class and look forward to a fun year of learning.

Parents, I look forward to working with your child throughout the school year and being in contact with you as the year progresses.  Please read over these policies and sign the last page for your child to return to me.  In addition, please feel free to contact me at the school when you feel it necessary or via email: [email protected] .  Open, proactive communication is an essential component of my educational practices.  I hope you will plan on attending Agoura High School’s Open House in late September; I look forward to meeting you there.

Major Focus:
   This year we will be studying World History.  This class is much like other classes at Agoura High School in that we focus on the core curriculum and the California State Standards related to the particular subject area, thus fulfilling the graduation requirements for that course.  There is a difference, however, in the pace of the class, the variety of instructional techniques utilized, and in the individual and small-group attention each student receives.  We will be utilizing the General Education textbook: World History, Modern Times

Grading System:
   Grading for this class will be based primarily on the following:
    • Tests/Quizzes (30% of the final grade)
    •     Classwork (20% of the final grade)
    •     Homework (30% of the final grade)
    •     Participation (10% of the final grade)
    •       Final (10% of the final grade)
   You can check your student’s current grades for my class on Agoura’s Aeries System, accessible at agourahighschool.com.  I also highly encourage regular reference to the class webpage, where homework, project and test postings, as well as resource links can be found (go to the school website and click on faculty, teacher webpages).
Use of Support Period:
  The support period will continue this year within AHS’s schedule and will be a consistent and valuable portion of time in which students can receive assistance and support.  I will expect all of my students to attend support period regularly as I will be providing a variety of review and enrichment activities and individual meetings each week.  
•    All homework is expected to be completed neatly and accurately.  If you get stuck, at least show an attempt.  We will review and make corrections together on all homework assignments.

•    All homework is expected to be turned in on time.  No homework will be accepted late (unless due to an excused absence).
•    Students are required to use a student assignment book.

***Make up work: It is the student’s responsibility to ask for work missed when they return to school and turn in the work within the number of days they missed.  Work that is not made up or work from an unexcused school day will receive a zero.

Behavior Policy
   It is expected that each student conduct him/herself in a respectful and responsible manner.  Inappropriate language and sleeping will not be tolerated.

Failure to behave appropriately will result in:
1st offense – verbal warning
2nd offense – individual conference
3rd offense – referral/detention
The need to amend this policy will occur through teacher discretion.

Materials needed for this class:
•    A separate folder with pockets to be used exclusively for Social Studies.
•    Agenda Book
•    Pen/Pencil

Thank you for reading over this carefully. 
Weekly Agenda
Facebook Project Due Wednesday, 12/18


Enlightenment Philosophers and Monarchs Facebook Page


Please be aware that this assignment is not to be completed online and in NO WAY asks you to create a real online Facebook page.


Standards Addressed:


10.2 Students compare and contrast the Glorious Revolution of England, the American Revolution and the French Revolution and their enduring effects world wide on political expectations for self-government and individual liberty.


10.2.1 Compare the major ideas of philosophers and their effects on the democratic revolutions in England, the United States, France and Latin America (e.g., John Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Bolivar, Jefferson and Madison).


So many people today have profiles on social networking sites. They have been used to show off photos, share ideas, feelings and even stories.


 What would the profile of some of the greatest figures in history look like?


You are to create a mock Facebook page for one of the following historical figures:


Voltaire                         Marie Antoinette                       
Napoleon Bonaparte

Montesquieu                 Louis XVI                                   

John Locke                    Oliver Cromwell                       
Georges Danton

Rousseau                       Charles I                                   
George Washington                                   

Louis XIV                        Mozart                                   
Thomas Jefferson

Elizabeth I                        Beethoven                                   
Mary Wollstonecraft



Your Facebook page must include the following:


*A profile picture (drawn, painted, or edited-must be in color) (5pts)


            *At least two other photos (either belonging to your individual, or in which your individual is “tagged” with captions) (5 pts each)


            *Basic Information (10 pts)


birth date, hobbies, interests, political views, religion,

education, work/jobs, relationship, favorite music, favorite television shows, favorite movies, and favorite books


            *About Me-you can be creative with this section, but it must accurately reflect their ideology (10 pts)


            *wall posts (at least five) by at least three different friends you think your individual would include on their page (10 pts)


            *favorite quote-must have an explanation as to why it is their favorite-and no, they cannot quote themselves (5 pts)


            *status update-must reflect their ideology (5 pts)


This assignment must be typed.  It is likely that you will need to do some outside research to fully be able to complete this assignment.  Please keep in mind that all words (with the exception of the quote) must be your own.

Please use the template attachments below for you project. You can cut and paste photos from the internet to the template pages and then print out the pages.

Make sure you address the individual’s personality, thoughts, feelings and actions within this assignment.


***Current Event Form***
Hi Students!

Our first current event is due Friday, 10/4. We will be presenting current events about once a month. If you need to print out a Current Event form, please see the attachment.


Contact Me!
Anna Robinson
Ext. 321


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