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"My task is to make you hear, to make you feel, and, above all, to make you see. That is all, and it is everything."  Joseph Conrad                  
Important Class Information
Current Homework Assigned
Due Wednesday, October 22:
  • Vocab study cards for Blink, Chapter 4

Due Monday, October 20: 
  • Read and annotate Blink, Chapter 5, Section 1 and complete the short answer question handout 
I will be out of the classroom today and Wednesday, as I will be grading the district 10th grade writing assessments with other English department teachers from AHS and CHS.  I have written out the instructions for the period as you read Chapter 5 of Blink.  Your homework for next class is to complete vocab cards for Ch. 4.

Due Thursday, October 16: Vocab test

Due Tuesday, October 14:
  • Blink, Chapter 4, to end of page 108: Read, annotate, and answer the short response questions attached below.  Vocabulary test for Chapters 1-3 on Thursday, October 16. 

Due Tuesday, October 7
  • Blink, Chapter 3, Section 5,"Think About Dr. King": What does section 5 have to do with the "Harding error?" 

Due Wednesday, October 1:
  • "Isn't Everyone a Little Bit Racist" Argumentative essay revision

Due Wednesday, September 17:
  • Reading guide questions for Blink, Chapter Two, section 2, "The Storytelling Problem" 

Due Monday, September 15:
  • Reading guide questions for Blink, Chapter Two, on "priming," pages 56-57

Due Thursday, September 11:
  • Thank you all for all the hard work you did in class revising your writing to give text evidence as to why Bill and Sue will or will not be celebrating their 50th anniversary.
  • For Thursday,complete the reading guide questions as you read Blink, Ch. Two, pages 48-52.  Completing them as you read will help you to retain the information.  The handout is attached below.   

Due Friday, September 5:
  • Blink, Chapter One -- Finish reading and annotate pages 27-30, and answer the two short response questions that ask you to apply what you've learned about Gottman's findings and evaluate Gladwell's use of dashes to make meaning.  If you're unsure about how dashes work, check out the link above. See the link below for the Ch. 1 questions for pages 18-30. 

Due Friday, August 29:
  • Both Mrs. Louella Bates Washington Jones and Roger make decisions in Langston Hughes' story "Thank You Ma'am." Reread and annotate the story to identify their decisions and how you think each decision was made.  Make the connection to the "at a glance" decisions made in pages 4-8 of Blink's introduction.  Begin with Roger's choice to steal the woman's purse. 

Due Wednesday, August 27: 
  • Read and annotate pages 4-8 in the Introduction of Blink about the "at a glance" method of making a decision.  You will be asked to discuss the author's main ideas and details in class discussion. 

Due Monday, August 26:
  • Return signed class description and standards.
  • Return signed outside reading form.
  • Email me from your new Google account.
  • Take the Harvard survey that measures racial bias and print out a copy of your results to use first thing Monday morning.  Here's the link:
Students and Parents...
Please make sure that you are clear about the the school policies and standards for my class.  Below you will find necessary documents and links.

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