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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn clothing construction skills. Students will learn about sewing terms and tools, parts of the sewing machine and how to operate it safely. After earning a sewing license, they will practice techniques and apply them to various projects. Aprons, basic bags, pajama pants, sock monkeys, and more. They will also learn about textile construction and the different types of  fabrics.  They will demonstrate their ability to manage their time and work independently to complete projects.



Current Assignment
Welcome to Clothing Construction
Clothing Construction has a $50.00 class materail donation, you can pay for it online or at the AAC. The fee will provide you with basic sewing tools, a notebook, fabric, patterns, elastic, buttons, trim, zippers etc.... There will also be projects where you will need to select and purchase your own fabric.
The syllabus will be given to you the first day of class, it needs to be signed and returned by the next class meeting.

Beginning projects: pincushion, bobbin holder, scissor case, apron, small zippered bag, and pajama pants

Important Information
Do you know that you can check your child’s grade online at any time?  I keep my class grades on Aeries and try to keep them updated at least once a week.  Here you can stay on top of your child progress in the class and catch any problems before they progress.  If you do not have a username or password you can stop by the counseling office with a photo ID and the registrar can give you both.  You can access the aeries website from the Agoura High School webpage (agoura.mamboschools.com)

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