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Welcome to our Film Production Class
Welcome to your class webpage! This webpage should allow student access to class schedules, instructions for projects and assignments, as well as due dates for quizzes and tests.  Our film class is a comprehensive course designed to introduce students to the major concepts and principles used in narrative film production.  Students will learn historical perspectives, analyze American and world film, and become adept with state of the art editing programs.  But, most of all, students will create and screen their own film projects.  Enjoy the class, bring your best ideas, and lets make some great films!
 2nd Period
4/21 - Title, Genre, Log line, Treatment - DUE
4/25 - Pitches - Narrative Genre Film - DUE
5/2 - Screenplay DUE - CELTX or Professionally Formatted

3rd Period
4/20 - Title, Genre, Log line, Treatment - DUE
4/24 - Pitches - Narrative Genre Film - DUE
5/3 - Screenplay DUE - CELTX or Professionally Formatted

I.B. Film
1/13 - Project One Film is Due
1/15 - title, genre, log line, treatment - Due
1/26 - Pitch - Due
2/1 - Screenplay Due
2/16 - Footage Check - Completion of Principal Photography
2/22 - Rough Cut - Due
3/7 - Answer/Release Print - Picture Lock!!!!!

I.B. Production Portfolio - Due March 15

1. Rationale for role in production (100 words max.)
2. Rationale for trailer (100 words max.)
3. Essay regarding your role in the production... director, screenwriter, editor, etc. (1750 words max.)
4. Trailer.  This is an individual project.  Each member of the team must complete his/her own trailer.  50-60 seconds.
5. Film. 6-7 minutes.

Film Framing and Five Shot Narrative Assignments
Agenda Content goes here
Nonfictional film making.

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