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General Information

Pencil - all work must be done in pencil - if not points will be deducted      
   from each assignment done in ink

Colored (not blue) Pen to correct with
Pre - IB Algebra II only - Blue pen for Spring – IB exams are taken in ink – we will prepare for this in the spring and all work must be done in blue ink



Plenty of Paper

   Pre - IB Algebra II and Pre - IB Geometry need a graphing calculator
          as outlined on class syllabus
   Intermediate Algebra needs a graphing calculator
  Algebra 1 needs a scientific calculator


Lesson Starters
Lessons typically begin with a short "conversation" about the lesson and any formulas or symbols necessary.  Students will take notes on provided Lesson Starters paper and include this in their chapter packets.  If absent, students must take notes (on the Lesson Starters paper) from textbook to include in chapter packet.  Lesson Starters paper can also be found on our website.
Homework will be given and stamped daily.  Stamps will be given at the beginning of each class for homework that is complete, legible and highlighted (answer for each problem).  It is the students responsibility to get homework stamped if they are not in their seat when I come by to check or if they are absent.  Support period is the appropriate time for this!

Students will turn in all class notes and any class worksheets not collected as classwork as a completed packet at the beginning of class the day of the test with the stamped chapter outline as the cover sheet.  No late homework will be accepted for any reason.

Chapter packets are graded on legibility and completeness as opposed to accuracy.  For this reason, a student's homework percent should never drop below 90%.
It is the responsibility of the student to get and make up any absent work as outlined in the class syllabus.

Homework Quizzes – Homework quizzes will be given on a regular basis.  Homework quizzes are modeled after homework assignments and students will be allowed to use their homework on the homework quiz. Homework quizzes will be given randomly after the class has corrected and reviewed homework.  Students should be prepared for a homework quiz every class.

Quiz Corrections
Generally, students will be given the opportunity to do quiz corrections in class.  Quiz correction points will be awarded to students who follow all directions.  Corrections must be complete, on time and students must get a correct answer for missed problems.  Students must also include a complete sentence as to what mistake was made.  Corrections will be worth no more than half the point value missed.  For example, if a student misses 2 points on a particular problem, quiz corrections will be worth no more than 1 point.
Policies and Procedures
Attached to the correct class page, you will find a copy of your students class syllabus.  A hard copy will be sent home the first day of class.  Please print, sign and return the syllabus understanding page as part of your students grade.
On this page you will also find an assignment to email me with pertinent information.
The school attendance policy will apply as outlined on the school website.  www.agourahighschool.net/index.php

Make up and Attendance Policy

Attendance is key to earning a good grade.  The school’s policy on attendance and tardies as outlined in the school handbook as well as on the school website will be followed in this class.  It is the student’s responsibility to get missed homework and classwork assignments as well as worksheets. 

Students who miss a quiz must make this quiz up at support period before the next class unless prior arrangements have been made.  Students who do not make up a missed quiz will score a zero on this quiz.  Quiz corrections can still be completed for this quiz allowing the student to earn a maximum of 50% on this quiz.

Students who miss a test must make this up during support period.  If not completed before the next chapter test the score will remain a 0. 
Students in Pre - IB Geometry, Pre IB Algebra II and Intediate Algebra are expected to have a graphing calculator. I will teach using the TI-83 and TI-84 calculators in class.  Students are not required to purchase these, however, I do not have extra calculators in my classroom.  Calculators can be checked out from the library on a daily basis. Cell Phones and MP3 players are not calculators!  Students are not permitted to share calculators and students caught sharing calculators on any test or quiz will receive a zero for the assessment.  

Grading – This course will be graded on a point system.  Points will be recorded in the Aeries online grading.  Parents and students are expected to use Aeries to check current grade status.

Aeries will be updated with quiz scores when they have been graded.  All other scores will be totaled and input as a chapter grade, when the chapter test has been graded.  Parents wishing to check on their students homework progress should use the weekly progress reports through the counseling office or may email me directly.

Quizzes – Most chapters will include at least one quiz, usually 50 points, mid way through the chapter.  Generally, but not always, students will be given the opportunity to do quiz corrections.  Quiz correction points will be awarded to students who follow all directions.  Corrections must be complete, on time and students must get a correct answer for missed problems.  Corrections will be worth no more than half the point value missed.  For example, if a student misses 2 points on a particular problem, quiz corrections will be worth no more than 1 point.  

Homework and Classwork - Homework and classwork are outlined above.  Students who are unable to finish a classwork assignment before the end of class must make arrangements with Mrs Inglis before leaving class.  In most situations students will be allowed to turn in incomplete classwork and come back during support the following day to finish.  NO classwork should go home with student until is has been corrected by Mrs Inglis as this is used as a pacing and planning tool as well as a tool for students to manage their understanding of class material.  Since homework and classwork grades are not dependent on accuracy, homework and classwork grades should never fall below 90%.

 – There will generally be one test per chapter and each test is usually 100 points.  The lowest test for each semester may be replaced with the average between that test and the final exam score at the end of the semester. This only applies to tests with material on the final exam. 

Final Exam – There will be a department final exam given the last class period before Winter Break, as well as the last class in the Spring semester.  Each final is worth 200 points. 

Class Behavior

Students are expected to listen and be respectful to their peers and teacher.  Eating and drinking are a privilege that must be earned.  Gum chewing is not acceptable.  Behavioral expectations are outlined in the AHS student handbook.

Cell Phones and MP3 players are not permitted during class.

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