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General Information
Homework will be given on a daily basis.  Each student is expected to bring their textbook and lined paper to class so when time permits students can begin homework during class.  

Homework is graded on legibility, completeness and if the student has followed directions, not on accuracy.  A students homework grade should never fall below 90%.

Homework is turned in as a completed chapter packet before the test.

All grades are posted on Aeries.  I will update grades after major quizzes and tests but not on a daily basis.  For questions about grades please email me.

Policies and Procedures
Attached to the correct class page, you will find a copy of your students class syllabus.  A hard copy will be sent home the first day of class.  Please sign and return the bottom portion as part of your students grade.
On this page you will also find an assignment to email me with pertinent information.


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