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Welcome to my ClassPage!
Welcome to the Physiology Website.
The key to success in this class is keeping up with the work.  Physiology and Anatomy have there own language which must be learned, understood and used to master the subject.  To aide in the acquiring of this knowledge there are slides uploaded to practice with.  Test and quizzes will be based from those slides and subject matter covered in class.  I strongly suggest you print them and self test yourself.  
General Syllabus
Policy, Procedures and Syllabi
Please make sure you download the syllabus from your respective class.  They are similar but potentially different.
Chapter 9 and 10 Muscles
Be prepared there is a lot of information.  This will be the hardest unit.

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Michael Robbins

Created: Aug 12, 2008
Updated: Feb 12, 2016
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