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Welcome to Mr. Redmond's Health Class
Class Syllabus
Problems accessing the Blog?
I have set up a new Bloging website that you don't need a school ID to access. Please click on the Blog button to reach Mr. Redmond's Health Blog. Once there you may need to set up an account but please respond to the question asked.
Click the BLOG button under Media connect to the right --->
You will need to set up an account but cut and paste or click the web adress below to get to my blog page.
Class Syllabus
Click on the Course Syllabus Link below to print the class rules and permission slip.
Welcome to Agoura High!
Welcome to Mr. Redmond's Health class. I look forward to getting to know all of you as the semester progresses. Don't forget to download a copy of our class syllabus and have your parents sign the permission slip at the bottom. Please cut the permission slip on the dotted line and return the signed sheet back to me by Thursday Sept. 3rd.

Contact Me!
Coach Redmond
ext. 634

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Created: Aug 12, 2008
Updated: Aug 17, 2010
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