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Welcome to Statistics!
This is an AP course.  Students are expected to be self-movitivated and complete their homework and do assigned reading.  Since we complete the course by mid April, we must utilize class time for learning the material, not re-teaching because a student failed to read the work.   Please come into C9 at nutrition or stay at lunch if you need extra help.  Email me and I will accommodate you the best I can.

Students will need a TI 83 or 84 calculator.
I recommend that you purchase the AP review book, Five Steps to a Five, by Duane Hinders.  You can purchase a used one online for about $8.
Below, you will find the homework as it is assigned.  Check for links on the side to email me, or to access your grades.
Inference Practice
Go to Mrs Tate's ap Stat page.  go to the Links in the right hand column, and click on Inference Practice.  There you will find a helpful  aplet to give practice on what test to do when.

Rest of the Year
Abentees....Make up Ch 12 at Support on Thursday.  (No class, but report to E4 first)

HW for Monday the 27th.  Do the AP review exams on pages 137, 203, and 345.  You have 6 nights to do this!!  But besure it is done on the 27ith!

HW for CH 11
Due 3/24  Do cumulative review p 470:  odd.  Read 11-1, p680-692.  Do p693, multiples of 3
Homework for ch 9
Test on March10...see free response answer in attachment below  sorry, it was oriented correctly on the download, but didn't attached correctly....turn your phone sideways!

Due Mar 3.  Finish problems 45 to 64.  Read 9-3...be prepared to work on it with a good over view.

Due March second.  Read all of ch 9- and 9-2.  Problems at the end of 9-2.....first 12 problems, unless they ask you to compute a Type II error, or power of the test.

Due Tuesday Feb 24th.   Read 538-541.  Do "check for understanding"
Ch 8 Homework
2/17  Test on Ch 8....do the odd problems of the chapter review.  I will be in my room at lunch on Tuesday for any help you need.  I will be there at support on Wed, but probably around 8:10.  TEXT me at 818 581 1268 for the quiz problems worked.  I got one of the two pages to come through....see attachments below.

Due 2/12  p527L  55-65 odd, 70 and 71.

Due 2/9  Read all 8-2.  Do every third problem at the end of the section.

Due 2/6/15
Read all of 8-1.  Do p 489:  1, 4, 5, 9, 14, 16, 20, 21, and 23.
Chapter 7 Homework
7-1  given before semester break 
Be sure to read entire chapter!
7-2  p447:  29, 33, 35, 43,44
7-3  p462:  51, 53, 55,  65, 67

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