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Welcome to Music
Welcome to my final year of teaching.  I am looking forward to a great year. Choir has already been accepted to the Walt Disney Hall High School Chorale festival and the application for the Jazz band to attend the Savannah Music Festival has already been submitted.  The selections this year are Such Sweet Thunder and Billies Bounce.  The musical Phantom of the Opera should be a great challenge for choir, orchestra, and wind ensemble honors.  I hope you have all ha d a nice summer and are ready to begin a wonderful music journey.
Music Classes
School Musicals
The musical auditions for Phantom will be some time in Jan.  We will keep you posted.  The show runs from April 23-26
John Mosley
We have a great deal of new music to start working on and it is already here.  This year we have several selections that are for full orchestra and some requires some winds and percussion.  Be prepared to play every day.

Good Luck
Studio A
We will star as usual with our real book tunes and working out responses by the rhythm section to solos.  I have some new selections and some standards.  Please be on time to class and make sure your music is always present for class and performances even if you are ill.
Wind Ensemble Honors
You have much work to do.  Your first papers our due the week of Nov. 5th to the 9th. You may choose a classical composer or one from the Baroque period.  This time you will include a critique of a performance of the composers work. .  Remember I am interested in the government and other cultural things happening during the time period as well.

Best of Luck

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Created: Aug 12, 2008
Updated: Aug 21, 2012
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