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Eileen McGrew
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Welcome to my ClassPage!
Welcome to Agoura High School
      I look forward to an exciting new semester of geography.   The semester course will include five units of study.  The first unit introduces key concepts that will guide students through the study of the regional units.  In each unit, students will learn about the region's geography, history and traditions,economics and daily life, as well as the role of the religion in the world today.


Homework 9/3 and 4
1.  Please refer to Google Classroom for assignments
2.  Key and color "Scramble for Africa" pg . 99
3.  Watch Crash Course video and answer questions from google classroom

Homework 9/1 and 2
Please refer to google classroom for further links  and classwork
  Per. 1 lcajo4
  Per. 2 r00hmot
  Per. 3 x4ur0j
  Per. 4 qkzd5z0

1.  Read Ch. 4
2.  Quiz Map of Africa
    Study game link on classroom
3.  Complete Ch. 3.3 and Geography of Africa and submit on classroom 
4.  Complete Ch. 3 Main Ideas and Key terms

Homework 8/28 and
1. Read ch 3
2. complete map Africa
    Political pg 57
       label all countries (do not color)
    Physical pg. 62
       label all landforms and water
       (key and color elevations)
Homework 8/ 26 and 27
1. Complete Ch 2.4 notes pgs.44-45
2. Test Ch 1-2 (open note)
  Review during support Thurs.& Fri.
3. Packet due
   Ch. 1-2 worksheet Main Ideas
   Geo Activity (map)
   notes and classwork
4.  Cold War video:
        youtube The Cold War: Crash Course World History #35
Homework 8/24 and 25
1. Read ch. 2
2.  Complete ch 2 Main Ideas
3. Complete Introduction to World Cultures
     Geography Activity  (attached)

Homework 8/20-21
1. Read ch. 1
2. Complete ch. 1 (Main Ideas)

Homework 8/20-21
1. Read ch.1
2.  Complete ch.1 Main Ideas

1. Please read Guidelines and Expectations
     sign and return
2.  Read ch. 1 in World Cultures Text
     Cover textbooks

Class Supplies
Geography Book  (please bring every day)
pencil, colored pencils, 2 pens (different colors)
(Please complete homework and come prepared to learn)