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Eileen McGrew
ext. 502

Welcome to my ClassPage!
Welcome to Agoura High School
      I look forward to an exciting new semester of geography.   The semester course will include five units of study.  The first unit introduces key concepts that will guide students through the study of the regional units.  In each unit, students will learn about the region's geography, history and traditions,economics and daily life, as well as the role of the religion in the world today.


Homework 9/15 and 16
1. Read ch 6
2. Current Event Due 9/29 or 9/ 30
  See attachment

homework 9/11 and 12
1.  Ch. 5 worksheet
2.  Paragraph writing assignment (choose one)
   1)Describe the nationalism movement in Africa.  How did Africa move    away from colonialism.  Include as many as possible of the following:  Pan Africanism, negritude movement, boycott, guerilla warfare,  Senghor, Nkrumah, and Kenyatta.
2)African nations have experienced rapid cultural change in recent years. For each of the following, give an example of how it contributed to cultural change:
b)economic development

Homework 9/9 and 10
1. complete ch. 4 worksheet
2. read ch 5
3. complete chart ch. 5 section 1

Homework 9/5 and 8
1. Please key and color the political map
"Scramble for Africa" pg 99
2.  Read ch. 4

Homework 9/3 and 4
1.  Ch. 1 and 2 test corrections
   Please come by support to improve your grade on the test                      (One point for every four corrections) Bring your book
2.  Quiz Map Africa    Physical and Political
3.  Read ch. 4 and Complete worksheets ch 3 & 4

Homework 8/25 and 26
1.  Read ch. 2
2. Ch. 2 Worksheet
3.  Prepare for quiz

Homework 8/21 and 22
1.  ch. 1 worksheet
2. Complete ch. 1 notes
3.  Be ready for quiz ch. 1
   (All quizzes are open note; homework)   

Homework 8/20
1.  Read chapter 1 pages 2-24
2.  Read and sign Guidelines
3.  Cover textbook
Have a Wonderful first day of School

Class Supplies
Geography Book  (please bring every day)
pencil, colored pencils, 2 pens (different colors)
(Please complete homework and come prepared to learn)