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Spanish 2, 3, 4 y 5
Revised Summer Assignment
Please see the attached Revised Summer Assignment document. I hope I made it a little bit more clear. 
Spanish 2,3, 4 y 5 Syllabus


Señorita Heller         email:kheller@lvusd.org


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:


Welcome to Spanish class!   We are about to set out on a fantastic journey in which we will be studying one of the most popular languages in the world.  Below you will find goals and policies for our class this year.  Please read the information carefully, then sign and return the bottom of the last page.


WEBSITES:  We have a special website that has games, tutorials and practice quizzes and tests for each chapter that we will be studying.  The address is: spanish.ahschargers.net   Please go there often and practice what you are learning, your grades will improve!  You can also check your homework assignments and grades online.  For homework assignments go to: http://www.yourhomework.com .  To check your grades you will need your user ID and password and go to: http://www.lvusd.k12.ca.us/ahs/ .



1.     3 Ring notebook with plenty of paper

·       Notebook will consist of four sections:

A.     Grade sheet and Apuntes (notes)

B.     Trabajo de clase (class work)

C.     Tarea (homework)

D.     Diario (journal)

·       Notebooks will be collected periodically for a grade

·       Incomplete, illegible and not corrected notebooks will not receive full credit      

2.     Blue or black pen

3.     Different color pen for correcting

4.     Sharpened pencil with eraser

5.     Covered textbook

6.     Workbook


ESPANOL TRES, CUATRO y CINCO: You will be keeping a reflection journal.  You will be asked to express various opinions, feelings and the like on any kind of class discussion or life experience.  Each journal entry will be at least one page in length unless specified. Journals will be collected at various times during the year.  When collected it may be announced.   The journal entries must be legible, if they are not you will not receive credit.  Journals must be brought to class every class meeting.


COMPENTENCIA ORAL (Oral Competency): (Tarjeta azul – Blue card) Each five week grading period you will receive an oral proficiency grade ranging from 20-30 points.  The grade will be based on pronunciation, correct usage of grammar, and your motivation to challenge your own abilities.


DEBERES y TAREA (Tasks & homework): Write legibly in blue or black ink.  Use only lined loose-leaf paper.  Only class notes may be written in pencil.  All work must have the proper heading: see upper right hand corner of this page.  Label all work on top line of each assignment.  Make sure that homework number is written on each homework assignment. 


TAREA: Homework assignments are given nightly.  Homework will be checked and students will correct their errors.  Homework that is not corrected will not receive credit.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED EXCEPT THAT DUE TO AN EXCUSED ABSENCE.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what homework assignments have been missed by checking yourhomework.com or study-buddy.  Each grading period students can earn 25 points.  Students will loose two points for each assignment not completed.  Both homework and class work serve as a review for tests and quizzes.  Homework and class work can be collected and counted as a quiz grade.  


AUSENCIA (Absences): For each day you have an excused absence you have one day to make up the work.  NO MAKE-UP WORK IS ALLOWED FOR TRUANT OR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. That includes homework, tests, quizzes and any projects.  Make-up exams are given during the next class session, and are different from the previous test.  It is the student’s responsibility to request a make-up exam.  There are no make-ups on quizzes, and a percentage of the chapter test grade is substituted for the missing quiz.   


ATTENDANCE POLICY: Please see Aguora High School Attendance Policy. Three unexcused absences OR 6 unexcused tardies will result in a DROP/FAIL from the class. Students must be in their seat when the bell rings or they will be marked tardy.


CHEATING: All forms of cheating (copying homework, plagiarism, talking during an exam, cheat sheets, etc.) will not be tolerated.  If caught cheating the student will receive a 0 in the task will be referred to the assistant principal.


HALL PASSES: Students will receive 3 passes per semester.  You receive 1 extra credit point for each pass NOT used.  Each use of a hall pass beyond the 3 allowed will result in a reduction from Community Standards.


CHICLE, COMIDA, BEBIDA: NO gum, food or drink is allowed in class.  Water is OK.


CORTESIA (Courtesy): Everyone in class is to be treated in a respectful manner.  You must always use appropriate language.  Anyone breaking this expectation will receive a “U” for cooperation and will loose their participation points.  Dress for success – Please see the Agoura High School Dress Code.  No hats are allowed in the classroom.



Grades are broken down as follows:                                   

Approximate grade composition:

90-100%     A                                                                   

80-89%       B               

70-79%       C

60-69%       D    

below 60%   F             


Assignment Weightings 

Tests & Projects    40%

Oral Proficiency   20%    

Homework/Quizzes & Classwork       10%                  

Community Standards                10%

Final Exam                                 20%


EXTRA CREDIT: There will be very little extra credit offered during the year.  It is best to take advantage of an opportunity when it arises because they may not be another.


COMMUNITY STANDARDS: Your contribution and participation in our learning community will be monitored.  You are expected to maintain a classroom environment that encourages students to speak and improve their Spanish.   (Standards 5.1 and 5.2).  Each grading period a student will be rewarded 20 points.  Any infraction of  the Community Standards will result in a deduction of points.


SUPPORT PERIOD (7:50-8:40):  Support period offers the opportunity to make-up tests, get help on homework and projects.  There will also be one on one time with the teacher to ask questions about grades.   Additionally, there are computers available for you to use in M8 to access our website and software to help you improve your Spanish. Come in and check it out!




Homework Assignments

Spanish 2
Tarea #1
Diario 1  
Yo soy!...

2. Questionaire
3. Signatures!

For Monday please bring your materials 
Presentation "Primer día"

Tarea 2
Diario 2
Worksheet that was completed in class.  Write 2 paragraphs with the information you collected.

2. Study the alfabeto and the notes I handed out.
3. Cover your book.
4. Bring in all your materials!
5. Memorize your part for "El primer día de clases.  Boys=Fernando  Girls =Anita

Tarea 3
Diario 3
What do you do to prepare for the new school year?  What do you buy?  What time does school start and end?  How do you get to school?  What do you do the first day of school?

2. Study text pages 2-3 and 6-7
3. Do text pages page 6 activity #7 and page 7 activity #8

Tarea 4
Diario 4
What are you like?  Who is your best friend?  What is he/she like?  What do you do in school together?  And weekends?

Tarea 5
Diairo 5
Do text page 5 #5 in paragraph form.

2.  Lee page 5  "Diálogo"  and page 12 "Cultura"
3. Do Activities pages 5 #4 and 12#16
4. Write vocabulary 2X in Spanish 1X in English or a drawing.  If you make flashcards only 1X!!

Tarea 6
Diario 6
Do text page 8 #11 in email form!

2. Study pages 9 and 11 in text
3. Do pages 4 #3, 8 #10 and 13 #8
4. Finish your banner project!

Tarea 7
Diario 7
Describe the foto on page 5 in the text.  What do you see? Include  Who they are.  What are their names, where they are from, what they are like, what they are wearing, what they are doing and what they will do later that day.

2. Study pages 17-18 and the verb packet
3. Do text pages 10 #12 and !! #14
4. Do worksheets "Present Progressive" and Present Stem Changing Verbs
Tarea 8
Diario 8
Write an email to a friend and tell them what you did over the long weekend.  Write at least 8 sentences and underline the preterite.

2. Do text pages 15 #21, 16 #22, 17 #25
3. Study text page18

Tarea 9
Diario 9
Write an email to a friend talking about what you are going to do this long weekend.  Write at least 8 sentences and underline the simple future IR A+ Infinitive.

2. Study text pages 17-18 and worksheet

Tarea 10
Diario 10
Do text page 20 #30

2. Do worksheet in packet AR preterite verbs second page
3. Write a couple paragraphs in English about Mexican Independence el 16 de septiembre

Diario 11
What did you do yesterday?  Write at least 8 sentences and underline the preterite.

2. Study your grammar packet
3. The new vocabulary due el 23 de septiembre

Tarea 12
Diario 12
What did you do yesterday?  8 sentences and underline preterito in email form.

2. Do worksheet Irregular Pretererite
3. New vocabulary text page 53

Tarea 13
Diaro 13
What are you going to do this weekend?  8 sentences. Underline the simple future. Ir  A  Inf

2. Read text page 22 and 26-27
3. Do page 23 #34 and page 28 #2 and #3
4. Study page 30-31

Tarea 14
Diario 14
Write an email to a friend about a real or imaginary trip you took.  Where did you go?  With whom?  Where did you stay?  What did you do there?  What did you pack?  Use at least 5 vocabulary words and at least 3 irregular preterite verbs.  Underline the vocabulary 1 time and the verbs 2 times.

2. Do text pages 30 #7 and #8 and 31 #9
3. Study page 33 in text
4. Get parent signature on Classwork #9

Tarea 15
Diario 15
My Summer vacation.  Write an email to a friend talking about your Summer vacation.  Make sure you have an introduction, body,and a farewell .  Underline the preterite.

2. Do text pages 29 #4 and 32 #10
3. Study the worksheet Affirmative and Negative Words
4. Memorize preterite song. (Optional)

Preterite Examencito on Tuesday October 6th!!

Tarea 16
Diario 16
What did you do yesterday?  5 sentences and underline the preterite.

2. Do the last worksheet in the preterite packet
3. Read and Do page 36 #19
4. Study text 38-39
5. Do page 40 #24

Tarea 17
Diario 17
Talk about the last shopping trip you took.

2. Do text 34 #14, 37 #21 and 40 #25
3. Study text page 42
Important dates:
Examencito Vocabulary el 13 de octubre
Big Exam el 19 de octubre

Tarea 18
Diario 18
Write an email to a friend about the last cruise you took.  It can be real or imaginary.

2. Do text 34 #15, 41 #26 and #27, 42 #29
3. Study texto 44
4. Examencito de vocabulario from page 53 1B

Tarea 19
Diario 19
Write an email to a friend about your last birthday. Underline the preterite.  Write at least 8 sentences.

Tarea 20
Diario 20
Texto page 46 #37.  Pick either Argentina or Spain. Investigate what you would do there.  Write an email to a friend answering the questions in the activity.  Underline the preterite.

2. Do text pages 24-25 and 49 all
3. Writing Assessment on Monday on 1 of the diarios we have already written.

Examen pages 1-53 on Wednesday!!!

2.Do text pages 43 #30 and #31 and 44 #32 and #33
3. Read Columbus and why? Write a paragraph in English.  Is Colón a villain or a hero?

Study your worksheets!

Examen Grande el 19 de octubre!!

Tarea 21
Study for your exam!!  Pages 1-53!

Tarea 22
Diario 21
Write a email to a friend about your weekend.  Write at least 8 sentences and underline the preterite.

2. Do text 58 #1 use your ebook!
3. Do your vocabulary page 79! (2A)  You can find the definitions on page 105 of your textbook!
4. Study your notes and page 60
5. Answer the questions in Survey 1 all questions in English

Tarea 23
Diario 22
Text page 59 #5.  Write an email to a friend using the directions from the text.  Underline the present tense.

2. Do text 58 #2, #3 and 59 #4

3. Do worksheet called "Stem Changing Verbs in the Present Tense"

Tarea 24
Diario 23
Write an email to a friend about your weekend.  Underline the preterite.  At least 8 sentences.

2. Complete Survey 2
3. Get parent signature on Unidad 1

Sliced Day of Dead Bread due October 29th!  Extra Credit

Tarea 25
Diario 24
Write an email to a friend talking about your morning routine.  Underline the reflexive verbs.

2. Skeleton Project due
3. Worksheet Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns

Tarea 26
Diario 25
Write an email to a friend talking about your morning routine yesterday.  Underline the reflexive verbs in the preterite

2. Do text pages 61 #8 and 62 #10 and #11


Tarea 27
Diario 26
Write an email to a friend.  Include introduction
What time your family eats dinner. Who prepares it. Who sets the table.  What you like to eat for dinner.  Who cleans the table and washes the dishes. What does your family do after dinner. What time you go to bed.

2. Do text pages 61 #9, 70 #25 and 71 #28
3. Examencito on vocabulary 2A
4. Vocabulary words 2B for Tuesday

Tarea 28
Diario 27
Write an email to your Pen Pal talking about a routine of someone in your family.  Make sure you have an intro, body and a farewell. Underline the reflexive verbs!

2. Do worksheet Reflexive verbs SP2
3. Do pages 66 #18 and #19 in text
4. Study text 64 and 73
5. Vocabulary page 105 2B 2X Spanish 1X English or Flashcards!

Tarea 29
Diario 28
From your workbook, do page 32.  Underline the reflexive verbs and write it in the form of an email.  Make sure you put it in your diario section.

2. Do text pages 67 #20 and #21 and page 69 #23
3. Do the worksheet only the part with the word Se

Tarea 30
Diario 29
Use text page 72#30 and describe the routine of some of your classmates.  Underline the reflexive verbs!

2. Do text pages 64 #15, 69 #24 and 72 #31
3. Do worksheet named Reflexive Verbs
4. Study pages 84 and 93 in the text


Tarea 31
Diario 31
Text page 75 #36 Please follow instructions.

2. Do text pages 73 #32 and 76-77 #37
3. Do the practice on Gustar

Tarea 32
Diario 31
Write an email to a friend.  Talk about for what you are grateful. 

2.Do text pages 82 #1, #2 and #3
3. Study pages 84, 93 and 96
4. Practice sheet Gustar
5. Do 88 #14 and #15


Advanced Spanish
Diario #1
Me presento...

2. Cuestionario
3. Las firmas
4. Para lunes trae los útiles!

Tarea 2
Diario 2
Revistas:  Lee página 2.  Contesta las preguntas en forma del diario.

Querido diaro,

Una firma

2. Haz Revistas página 5 #2
3. Trae útiles para la clase

Tarea 3
Diario 3
Escríblele un correo electrónico a un/a amigo/a.  Compara y contrasta cómo has cambiado tu forma de pensar.  Usa algunas preguntas del texto Revista página 5 #2

2. Haz Revista páginas 4 #1, 5 #5 y 11

Tarea 4
Diairo 4
Revistas página 5 #4 en forma de correo a tu profesor/a favorito/a.

2. Haz y CORRIGE Una vez más 4-5A y 10A

Tarea 5
Diario 5
Los planetas:Elmo

2. Revistas página 8 #1
3. Hoja de práctica Set/Estar
4. Firma de la película

Tarea 6
Diario 6
Mi viaje a espacio.  250 palabras.  Usa port la menos 8 palabras de la página 4.  Subráyalas!

2. Revistas página 9 #5 y #6
3. Hoja de práctica Ser/Estar

Tarea 7
Diario 7
Titular: Renuncia el presidente de Guatemala Otto Pérez Molina.  Escribe un artículo para el Diario usand la guía IB
250 palabras

2. Hoja de práctica del presente
3. Crea 5 preguntas para usar para el seminario socrático. El tema es La vida exrraterrestre
4. Estudia la canción "Los visitantes"
Período 3 La tele #1

Tarea 8
Diario 8
Elmo: Los Visitantes
Usa la guía IB para la entrevista

2.  Lee Revistas 12-14
3. Haz 12 todo y 14 #1
4. Hoja del presente

Tarea 9
Diario 9
Tema: El 11 de septiembre

Período 3 La tele 2

Tarea 10
Diario 10
Escribe un artículo o una entrevista.  Tema: Padre Miguel Hidalgo y la independencia mexicana.

2. Escoge 5 de las 10 preguntas para el seminario socratico. No las contestes
3. Una vez más haz las páginas 5-6 Ch y 10 A.  Corrígelas!!

Tarea 11
Diario 11
El grito de México en forma del correo electrónica.  Sigue la guía

Examencito del presente y ser y estar el 28 de septiembre!

Tarea 12
Diario 12
Prepárate para e seminario socrático.  Contesta las preguntas elegidas!
Tarea 13
Diairo 13
Período 3 Escoge un tema o Don Francisco y Sábado Gigante o El Papa o Chile.  Forma de correo electrónico 200-250 palabras.

Período 5 Seminario Socrático.  Usa la guía.

2. La hoja de lectura
3. La tele 4 Período 3

Tarea 14
Diario 14
Período 3 Seminario socrático (usa la guía)
Período 5 Elmo Tema de actualidad.  Escoge un tema! Don Francisco, Chile y El Papa.

2. Estudia para el examencito del presente de indicativo y ser/estar

Tarea 15
Diario 15
Período 3 Seminario socrático (Usa la guía)
Período 5 Imprime y analiza una foto.  Usa la guía

2. Una vez más
Estudia 28-32
Haz 30 todo y CORRIGE!!!

Tarea 16
Diario 16
Para reflexionar de la lectura del primer hotel del espacio.

2.  Una vez más
Haz 33 A y B.  Corrige!!!
3. La tele!

Tarea 17
Diario 17
Revistas página 16 #2 en forma de párrafo.  Tiene que fluir.

2. Haz Revistas 16 #1
3. Una vez más 33-34C Corrige!!
4. La lectura 2020

Tarea 18
Diario 18
Revista Amplicación página 19 #2

2. Revistas:
Lee 17-18
Haz 19 #1
3. La tele
Tarea 19
Diario 19
El día de la Raza Ve "Remind"

2. Lectura del condicional y la pregunta.  Estudia Una vez más para el condicional

Tarea 20
Diario 20

2. La lectura de la eugenesia sólo 1-22

Tarea 21
Diario 21
Elmo- El mar adentro

2. La hoja del pretérito

Tarea 22
Diario 22
Preguntas personales del día de los Muertos (Remind)

2. Study Una vez más pages 34-36.  Haz página 34 del imperfecto.
3. Corrige la actividad
4. Haz la hoja de práctica

Tarea 23
Diario 23
Tema: El huracán Patricia

2. Hoja de práctica 55-56 y contesta las preguntas de la 57
3. La tele
Tarea 24
Diario 24
El día de los Muertos.  Imprime una foto.  El diario es  Analizar la foto usando la guía IB

2. La hoja de práctica

Puntos adicionales: el pan de Muertos rebanado y reflexión el 29 de octubre!!!  O Hollywood Forever con reflexión

Tarea 25
Diario 25
Escribe un blog.  El tema:  El día de los Muertos. Usa la guía de IB

2. Hoja de práctica 63-64 y las preguntas
3. El esqueleto y la parte escrita
4. La tele

Tarea 26
Diario 26
Quino:  Revistas 28-29.  Usa página 28 #2 como guía.  Usa y subraya 10 de las palabras de vocabulario de la página 28.

2. Hoja de práctica 64-65 contesta las preguntas excepto #8!

Tarea 27
Diario 28
Qué es la personalidad?, Corresponde tu personalidad con tu comportamiento? Da ejemplos.  Cuál es la personalidad ideal?  Por qué?

2. Hoja de práctica 67-68 y las preguntas

Tarea 28
Diario 28
Haz el examen de Myers- Briggs Test en español. Es el primer vínculo en la página de web.  Analiza los resultados.  Estás de acuerdo?  Por qué?  Qué te gustaría cambiar de tu personalidad?

2. Haz hoja de práctica 69-70
3. La tele


Tarea 29
Diario 29
Busca una foto:  Tema: Veteranos.  Analízala usando la guía IB

2. Revistas 42#1
3. Hoja de práctica

Tarea 30
Diario 30
Revistas 42 #2.  Escríbele a un email a un/a amigo/a usando las preguntas de la página 42 #2.  Tiene que fluir y usa por lo menos 5 palabras del vacabulario de la página 42.

2. La tele

Repaso opcional:  Una vez más páginas 37-38 A, B y C


Tarea 31
Diario 31
Escríble an un/a amigo/a un email usando Revistas página 45 #2 y #5.  Tiene que fluir!

2. Lee 43-44
3. Contesta 45 actividad #1

Tarea 32
Diario 32
Agradecimiento.  Ve Remind (See Remind)

2. La tele


El día de los Muertos

Remember, you can only pick ONE extra credit activity


     DIA DE LOS MUERTOS EVENT (10 PUNTOS)  See link el día de los muertos Forever Hollywood

Write a 1 page typed review of what you did and saw there in ESPANOL!  Include a picture of yourself at the event.  Due el 6 de noviembre! 







Summer Work for Spanish 5 AP and IB HL2
All español 5 AP and IB HL 2 will have two required summer assignments.

1. Read five articles in Spanish that have to do with the Spanish speaking world.  Make a copy of the article and fill out the chart that is on this page link.  You will be presenting one of your articles to the class.

2.  Watch at least five  hours of "Tele" in Spanish.  All students will write bullet points in español about what they saw.  Please see page link below to view the summer assignment.

Spanish 4 Honors and Spanish IB 1

 Optional but highly recommended is working with the beginning "Assimil" to order here is the ISBN number: 978-2-7005-1070-6


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