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Course Syllabus
Periods 4 and 6
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Homework Assignments

Due Tues May 31: Periods 4 & 6: Finish the TMWS review in preparation for the TEST on THURS JUNE 2: Study binder #'s 32,33, 34,35, 38, 39, 40, 41

Due May 11: Periods 4 & 6: Complete the green reading check questions that appear throughout your assigned Ch. 12 section

*Begin studying for End of Depression/Beginning of WWII TEST on Tuesday May 3

Due Wed. 4/27: Periods 4&6: Finish "Final Solution" section of notes #33 (use your textbook)

Due Thurs. 4/14: Periods 4&6: Text pl. 541 #3,4,5

Due: Mon 4/4: Complete the last page in the Recovery Packet (Binder #26)

*Start studying for 1920's / Great Depression TEST on Friday April 8 (notes #17 on)

Due: Tues 3/29: 1920's Project - Final Draft due and Presentation in Class (*If you are using technology for your presentation be sure to come to support on Monday to make sure it works)









Upcoming Tests/Projects
WWII TEST on Thurs June 2: Study Binder #'s 32-35, 38-41

Chapter 12 Textbook activity - Due Friday May 20

tuesday May 3 - End of Depression/WWII TEST

Friday April 9 - 1920's and Great Depression TEST

thursday, Mar 3 - WWI TEST

Thursday, Feb 10 - Progressivism thru Pre-WWI TEST

Do you know that you can check your (child's) grade online at any time?  I keep my class grades on Aeries and try to keep them updated at least once a week.  Here you can stay on top of your (child's) progress in the class and catch any problems before they progress.  If you do not have a username or password you can stop by the counseling office with a photo ID and the registrar can give you both.  You can access the aeries website from the Agoura High School webpage (agoura.mamboschools.com)

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