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Hackett Robert
Performing Arts
Last updated: 12/02/2014
Anna Robinson's Profile
Ext. 321
Special Education
Welcome to my webpage.
Jason Rosenthal
Last updated: 08/17/2010
Jason Rosenthal's Profile
ext. 336
Physical Education
William Sanchez
Last updated: 05/29/2015
William Sanchez's Profile
ext. 503
Foreign Language
Margaret Serich
Last updated: 03/09/2015
Margaret Serich's Profile
ext. 383
Last updated: 07/27/2015
Christine Shields's Profile
ext. 495
Social Science
Todd Shipley
Last updated: 07/20/2015
Todd Shipley's Profile
Last updated: 08/28/2014
Mr. Simpson's Profile
ext. 343
Woodshop, ROP
Hello, I'm Melvin. I teach Wood Shop and Architectural Drafting. I graduated from UC DAVIS with a BA. My hobbies are: Woodworking,and Chi-Gong. I like to participate in juried furniture shows, and show my furniture in galleries. I'm also excited about being here, and I'm looking forward to a great year.
Last updated: 08/11/2014
Kimberly Speth's Profile
ext. 505
ROP, Clothing
My name is Kim Speth and this will be my 12th year teaching at Agoura High School and I am honored to be here.I have worked as a designer and manufacturer with over twenty years of experience in all aspects of the garment industry. I have a degree in textile and apparel design from California State University Northridge. One of my goals is to create a career path for students here at Agoura High School. Students can take Clothing Construction I, II, and an ROP course in Fashion Merchandising. There are also pattern making and design courses open to high school students now or upon graduation in an apparel program at West Valley Occupational Center. I am the FIDM Fashion Club adviser and last year we held our 7th Annual Fashion Show anyone can be involved and I encourage you to come to one of our meetings.
Barbara Starr
Ext. 235
School Psychologist
Last updated: 03/24/2015
Russell Stephans's Profile
ext. 582
Cindi Tate
Last updated: 05/31/2015
Cindi Tate's Profile
ext. 597
Last updated: 06/02/2015
Lucy Taylor's Profile
ext. 480
I have been teaching at AHS since 1992. I am the Visual Arts Department chairperson. I teach Ceramics I and Ceramics II. I also teach a level 3 and 4 Ceramics which is called Studio Art 3D. This class can be taken as an AP portfolio class, with the option of submitting an AP portfolio for college credit.
Steve Teitell
Last updated: 06/03/2015
Steve Teitell's Profile
ext. 464
Diana Thompson
ext. 332
Special Education
Last updated: 06/07/2015
Gail Tomaszczuk's Profile
ext. 496
Last updated: 06/16/2015
Kimberly Varonin's Profile
email please!
Last updated: 11/25/2013
Sra. Wallace's Profile
ext. 514
Foreign Language
During my spare time,I like to travel,swim,shop, dance,read,create, decorate,kickbox,spin, walk my dog, recycle,garden, quilt, knit,watch movies, visit museums and botanic gardens,go to the beach,spend time with my children and husband.I have three sisters.
Rick Way
Last updated: 07/28/2015
Rick Way's Profile
ext. 542
Charles Wegher
Last updated: 07/27/2015
Charles Wegher's Profile
ext 380
Physical Education
Last updated: 07/10/2015
Victoria Willig's Profile
ext. 265
Special Education
I am looking forward to another year at Agoura High School.