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Last updated: 08/12/2013
Fariba Albert's Profile
ext. 388
Special Education
I have been with LVUSD since 2000, but started teaching from 2007. I obtained my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Counseling(PPS) from Phillips Graduate Institute followed by Special education Credential(Moderate-Severe) from National University. Currently, I completed Orthopedic Impairment authorization through Ventura County of Education. I was born in Iran but left my country after I obtained my high school diploma in pursue of my goal of higher education abroad. I obtained my BA in Psychology in United kingdom. Shortly after, I met my husband in South Africa while visiting my parents and got married there. I lived in SA for almost 12 years. We moved to America due to my husband's work after my second child. I am married for 29 years and have 3 adult children; Marjan-health care administrator. Max-chef, and Marcia-currently pursuing a teacher credential. I have always been interested in education, as it is the cornerstone of civilization. I am also an advocate of Character Education, as it is centered around common virtues and morals shared by all humanity. Having lived in four continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and N. America, my appreciation of diverse cultures and people of all faiths has given me a unique perspective on the beauty and richness of life. My personal belief and goal in life is to promote unity in diversity, the equality of sexes, and the need to bring justice and peace to all humanity. As an educator my passion is to share what I have learned and experienced and to provide a healthy physical, intellectual, social-emotional and ethical environment for my students I have the bounty to teach and grow with.
Adrianne Alderton
Last updated: 09/24/2015
Adrianne Alderton's Profile
ext. 507
John Andersen
Last updated: 08/17/2010
John Andersen's Profile
ext. 346
Industrial Tech
Last updated: 08/22/2016
Joanne Anderson's Profile
ext. 494
English, Social Science
Writer, Reader, Adventurer, Mountaineer, Rock Climber, Mountain Biker, Backpacker, Runner, Hiker, Scuba Diver, Horseback Rider, Snow and Water Skier. Lover of Life!
Steve Bacharach
Last updated: 08/29/2014
Steve Bacharach's Profile
ext. 591
Susana Baird
Last updated: 04/27/2016
Susana Baird's Profile
ext. 483
Social Science
Last updated: 11/20/2015
Alice Baldecchi's Profile
I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA. and received my B.A. in Biology, with an emphasis in subject matter preparation, and a minor in Psychology from CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo. My teaching credential is in Single Subject; Life Science. Agoura High School has been amazing to work for and I look forward to many more years here! Interests: science!, my husband, daughter, and dogs, being outdoors, and new adventures. Besides teaching science, I also work with Link Crew and with ASB.
Ann Berry
Last updated: 08/26/2016
Ann Berry's Profile
ext. 525
Last updated: 08/26/2016
Mrs. Blaiwes's Profile
Email me!
Chad Bloom
Last updated: 05/19/2013
Chad Bloom's Profile
Chad Bloom's Blog
ext. 592
Performing Arts
Last updated: 12/10/2015
Maryannick Bovard's Profile
exr. 553
Foreign Language
Bienvenue dans ma classe de Français
Last updated: 04/28/2016
Elizabeth Brasler's Profile
ext 316
Physical Education
Dear Students, I will try to update this page daily but the most accurate way to get all info. on classwork, homework and tests is to copy down the whiteboard in class, which you are reminded to do daily (as you know, you may also take a photo). If you need clarification, you can send me an an email and I will respond within 24-48 hours. I am available at support and it's a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a few classmates in case all else fails. To reiterate my homework policy: If you have an excused absence, you are to come to support the first school day you return (whether or not you have my class that day), get the work you missed, and turn it at the next class. Write, in red ink at the top of your work, 'was absent' and put in the file next to the front door. If you have been out for a while and have multiple classes for which you need to make up work, I will give you more than one day to make up the work but you still need to come to support your first day back. Each situation will be handled separately.
Melissa Brennan
ext. 469
Social Science
Jenna Brummett
Special Education
Jason Busby
Last updated: 08/25/2016
Jason Busby's Profile
x 575
Social Science
Natasha Capretta
ext 334
Physical Education
John Carpenter
Last updated: 08/17/2010
John Carpenter's Profile
ext 510
Foreign Language
Last updated: 04/27/2015
Lynn Coleman's Profile
ext. 586
Lynn Coleman is a California artist that has been shown in over 100 national and international exhibitions. She is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery, as well as the Laguna Art Museum and Orange County Museum of art. She currently maintains a studio in the San Fernando Valley and teaches art at Agoura and Indian Hills high schools. Coleman’s art has been featured in mainstream publications, such as Esquire, Beach Culture, the New York Times, and Surfer’s Journal.
Last updated: 08/18/2015
Ryan Correia's Profile
Social Science
I am thrilled to be back at Agoura High! A former Charger myself, I graduated with the class of '94 and then went on to UCLA where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. My post graduate studies were done at CSULB where I received my Social Science Teaching Credential. My passion for learning, teaching, and coaching has brought me back to Agoura High School. On a personal note, I have 2 young daughters who will both be attending Las Virgenes Schools in the years to come. Go Chargers!
Last updated: 09/26/2011
Clint Cummings's Profile
ext. 385
Special Education
Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children! Welcome to Agoura High School!
Last updated: 08/26/2016
Marnie Davis's Profile
ext. 497
Former elementary teacher turned high school teacher! I love the students and the curriculum, but with such big classes, the grading can be overwhelming! Sorry for the long wait! Contrary to popular belief, teachers do have some sort of life outside of school. You'll hear about my travels, my family, and my kitties through anecdotes during the year. Here is a little more about me: Last movie~ Trainwreck; Last book~ All the Light We Cannot See; Last concert~ Mumford and Sons; Favorite place~ any beach; Favorite sport~ soccer; Favorite book~ impossible to decide; Favorite local restaurant~ The Habit; Favorite student~ You! Ha! Ha!
Patti Davis
Last updated: 08/22/2016
Patti Davis's Profile
ext. 352
Last updated: 05/31/2015
Marisa DeFalco's Profile
ext. 257
I have been teaching at Agoura High since 2005. I am also a graduate of Agoura High and a former ROP/CTE student. I received my Bachelors degree from Cal State University Northridge. I have been working in the Food Service Industry for over 33+ years. I am Co-Owner of a family business here in Agoura Hills. I use my real-life work experience in Food Service, Customer Service, and Safe Food Handling, and Safety and Sanitation in the classroom so that students can better their skills at their job sites.
Last updated: 08/24/2016
Walter Del Olmo's Profile
ext. 513
Foreign Language
Concerns? Questions? Send me an email; at wdelolmo@lvusd.org
Madame Didierjean
Last updated: 06/06/2015
Madame Didierjean's Profile
Foreign Language