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Grad Nite Fundraiser PDF Print E-mail
Cronies Sport Grill is the site for our first restaurant fundraiser! to help support a safe Grad Nite for our class of 2015.
On Wednesday, December 3, all day long, Cronies will donate a portion of dining proceeds to help fund Agoura High School Grad Nite 2015. 
Come for lunch. Bring the family and friends for dinner! Tell your neighbors! 

ANYONE who mentions AHS Grad Nite will have their check credited to Agoura's account! How easy is that!
Just present the attached flier. Show it to your server and order a lot of food and drink!

Any questions about Grad Nite Restaurant Fundraisers, please contact Miriam Zacuto  zacuto6390@sbcglobal.net
Any other questions, please visit the Grad Nite website to view all of the details about Grad Nite 2015... The Best Grad Nite ever!
Or contact CoChairs Rob Jordan rob@ahsgradnite.com  or Lisa Lorkis  Lisa@ahsgradnite.com.

And we'll see you at Cronies!