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Mission Statement

To provide an up-to-date comprehensive resource center for students and families from 9th through 12th grade for the purpose of exposure to and selection of post high school choices in an atmosphere of friendly encouragement and guidance.


Contact Information

Elise Aries
818-889-1262 ext.375
Fax: 818-889-6640
E-Mail: earies@lvusd.org

Hours and Location

Location: The College and Career Center is located in the "A" building directly across from B-4.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:50AM - 3:00PM
                        Friday     7:30am-11:30AM

Services Provided

General Services

Career Exploration College/University Resources
  • LVUSD School-to-Career Planning Guides
  • Career Search Opportunities:
    • Computer Lab
    • Internet Access
    • Video Library
    • Reference Books
  • College Night - Fall
  • College Knowledge Night - Fall
  • Financial Aid resources
  • College speaker programs and visits
  • SAT; ACT test and registration materials
  • College and career search opportunities
  • Catalogues and Reference Materials
  • Internet access
  • Scholarships
  • Computer Lab

Student Resources Armed Forces
  • SAT and ACT Testing Information
  • Parent Information
  • Scholarships and Recognition
  • College and career Search Opportunities
  • Computer Lab
  • Internet resources
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Summer Opportunities
  • Leadership camps and opportunities
  • Military Representatives Program
  • Military Scholarships (ROTC)
  • Video Library
  • Academy Legion Representatives
  • Resource Materials