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Independent Study Project: Parent Guidelines

A word to parents about the Independent Study Project (ISP)

Adapted from materials developed by Alan Perry and the AHS English Department.

Objectives: As a result of the ISP, the student will learn:

"· a lot about an important topic

"· how to utilize research sources

"· how to synthesize research data

"· how to better budget time

"· how to organize a multi-faceted project

"· how to argue a thesis using gathered outside references

"· how to document outside references

"· how to produce a research paper with proper format

"· a lot about himself or herself

Points for a parent/guardian to keep in mind:

"· Independent is the first word in the title of the ISP. The student has chosen the subject matter and the research sources, and he/she is in control of the outcome.

"· Student stress usually results from procrastination.

"· Students know due dates and objectives well in advance.

"· Yes, this is an academic challenge and it has been designed as a challenge.

Hints for parent involvement:

"· Regularly discuss with your student his/her ISP progress.

"· Review the master assignment sheet and due dates.

"· Empathize with the student's challenge, but don't be overly sympathetic.

"· During the process, never accept the words, "What homework?"

"· Continually stress the "Can do! attitude.

Services provided by your instructor:

"· A clearly defined assignment

"· A step-by-step process with periodic progress checks.

"· Clear instructions for every step.

"· Examples of successfully completed steps.

"· Carefully developed scoring rubrics for each graded part of the project.

"· Help offered during support period.

"· AHS Stylebook which is available online as web pages or as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file at http://www.ahschargers.com in Academic Departments, under English Department.