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Sophomore Research Project Overview

California Content Standards require that all sophomores complete a comprehensive research project. The English II student should possess basic research skills prior to entering his or her junior and senior English classes.

The AHS Sophomore Research Project consists of a number of composition steps designed to instruct the English II student in how to research a topic, to explain that research in a written narrative, and to document sources for the research. It is also designed to challenge the student to apply previously gained knowledge and skills.

During the research process, the English II student will learn:
"· information about a specific topic of his or her interest
"· varied research skills
"· how to synthesize research information
"· analytic writing skills
"· research paper format
"· time management

Content and Materials:
The student will choose a literature-based topic and utilize a variety of sources as he or she researches it, such as books, magazines, newspapers, internet, etc. Note cards will be compiled using data taken from the above. All will then be assembled into a logical, orderly, final product. Individual teachers have the prerogative to guide students away from any questionable areas of research.

Time Frame:
The Sophomore Research Project will span approximately 5 weeks of the second semester.
Due dates for the process steps and an overall time span will vary with individual teachers.
Students will receive a calendar of specific assignments and due dates.

Grade Value:
The total points for the project will be 150: 100 points for the final draft (equal to an analytic essay), and 50 points for the various steps of the research process, (preliminary research, note cards, outline, rough draft, etc.).
"· Late work will be downgraded one full letter grade per calendar day late.
"· Each step of the process must be turned in before the next step will be considered for a grade.

Suggested Approach:
Students who are successful with this project find a topic in which they are interested and approach it with a positive attitude. They are also able to see the usefulness of this project in preparing them for future classes. Students who are less than successful go "kicking and screaming" into the project, and come "kicking and screaming" out of it with a feeling of dissatisfaction and a poor grade to boot. Don't procrastinate. Put the calendar dates in your binder reminder. Attend class and pay attention. Follow instruction. Get help early if you need it, and good luck!

Reading Comp.: 2.2, 2.5, 2.8; Wr. Strat.: 1.1, 1.3-1.9; Writ. App.: 2.3, 2.4; Writ/Oral Lang. Conv.: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5; List/Speak.: 2.2, 2.5, 2.6