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Essay Revision Assignment



The essay you recently submitted may be below standards for your grade level for any number of reasons. By completing this revision process, you have the opportunity to improve your composition's quality, hone your writing skills, and recoup some grade points. This assignment is entirely optional. If you choose to accomplish it, however, you must adhere to the instructions below.



Points will be added to the original composition based upon the quality of the revision. In no case will full credit be applied, and additional points awarded by the teacher are not open to negotiation.


1. Prepare a clean, revised draft of your composition.

2. On the revised draft, mark changes in TWO ways:

a. Color code (with a hi-liter) the changes you have made

  • blue for mechanical, technical, or format errors
  • yellow for style changes
  • pink for all content/evidence/analysis

b. Annotate In the margins any hi-lited change or addition to your text. Use a word or two, a phrase, a sentence, or whatever is need to explain the change.  Some examples might be: "tense revised," more support added," "pronoun reference," "improved analysis," "reworded to clarify." etc. Use any brief comments as necessary. Provide in the margins, as necessary, any other comments: "Third major support totally rewritten," "paragraph closure added," "Introduction reorganized," etc.

3. In the rare instance that you choose to rewrite your entire assignment, explain in detail why you feel it necessary to start over. Tell exactly what you did to improve it. Also, tell why the revised version is superior to the first.

4. Resubmit the entire assignment, with the current revision clipped to the front.