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Thematic Essay (3-5 typed pages)

  1. Identify a major theme in the book.
  2. Organize by analysis, by episodes or by characters who reflect the theme.
  3. Use abundant supporting details and explain their relevance to the theme.

Thematic Essay Format:

  • ICD and transitional sentence(s) open the paragraph.
  • INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH: A thematic essay introduction must have a  thesis and statements of organization.
  • The THESIS for a thematic essay must state a theme. A THEME is defined as a complete sentence expressing a general, abstract, universal idea that the story illustrates.
  • The STATEMENTS OF ORGANIZATION may be organized three ways:
  1. by episodes that illustrate the theme
  2. by characters who illustrate the theme
  3. by analysis.
  • The SUPPORTING PARAGRAPHS develop the thesis and each statement of organization.
  • TOPIC SENTENCES in each paragraph restate the statements of  organization provided in the introductory paragraph.
  • Relevant TEXTUAL EVIDENCE and ANALYTIC COMMENTARIES support topic sentences.
  • The CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH reflects the thesis and organization, extends/deepens the topic, and ends with a closing device.