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Proper Paper Format

Students must submit papers following a simple set of guidelines. 

1.  Paper - Use standard-sized (8 ½ x 11 inch) notebook paper for handwritten classwork.  Avoid using spiral notebook paper unless as part of a diary or journal.  And use standard-sized (8 ½ x 11 inch), 20-pound (standard), white, multi-purpose or photocopy or typing paper for printed work.

2.  Margins - Top, bottom, and side margins shall be 1", no more, no less.  Your teacher may choose to use the space for comments.

3.  Typeface Size - Use a 12 point typeface.  

4.  Typeface Style - Use a standard typeface such as Times, Times New Roman, etc.   Avoid stylized type faces, script, ultra-bold, light, etc. 

5.  Heading - Your heading must be placed on your paper.  The heading must include your first and last name, your class/period/instructor, and the date. 

6.  Line Spacing - Most handwritten work should be single-spaced unless directed otherwise.  All printed work must be double-spaced. 

7.  Paragraphing - Each paragraph must have its first word indented 5 spaces.  Do not insert empty lines between paragraphs. 

8.  Cover Sheet and Rubric - Many teachers will ask you to include an assignment cover sheet or blank rubric when you submit your paper.  Proper heading information must appear on both the cover sheet and the rubric. 

9.  Drafts - Save all drafts of your paper.  In particular, save drafts on which you or others have made suggestions or corrections.  The drafts are a record of your process and may help you illustrate your effort on a composition.

10.  Printer Problems / Computer Problems - If you have a problem with your printer or computer, you must solve the problem before the paper is due.  "My printer isn't working" will not be an acceptable excuse.  Make sure you back-up all work onto media other than your hard drive so that you will have a copy when your hard drive crashes.  When you have a computer malfunction or when a paper is misplaced, you will have a back-up copy which you can use.  Your Turnitin.com copy is also a back-up.

11.  Turnitin.com - All significant writing assignments will be submitted to Turnitin.com.  If you have trouble using the web-site, make a copy of the assignment on alternate media, and try to submit the assignment again from another computer.  Turnitin.com does a good job of checking to see if any part of your work has been written by someone else. 

12.  All work shall be placed in your student portfolio after it has been reviewed by you and your parents/family/tutor/mentor.