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General rules of respectful behavior apply in Agoura High School classrooms. These include the mutually agreed-upon school rules.

In addition...

  • Enter the classroom quietly and be ready to work when the bell rings.
  • A lecture is a time to listen; a discussion is a time to talk.
  • Be courteous, cooperative and polite. Simple respect between teacher and students will ensure a successful year. All are expected to be attentive towarde whoever is speaking, to respect school property and the property of others, and to avoid outbursts or other forms of classroom disruption. Writing on desks will be referred to the Assistant Principal
  • Be prepared: each student is expected to have necessary paper, writing implements, and reading material each class period. ALWAYS brin the book we are reading to class each day. Trips to lockers will not be allowed, and you will be marked down for not having your book.
  • Personal matters (restroom, grooming, other class homework, etc.) are to be taken care of before or after class. Except in emergencies, and per Agoura High School "Mutual Agreements," students will not be relased from class to use the restroom, except during the in-class break.
  • Respect your fellow students and their right to education.
  • Please see your teacher about any class issue. Most problems can be solved or avoided completely by simple communication. Be smart and ask for the help you need.

Because teachers have varying approaches to instruction and discipline, individual teachers include other rules and expectations in the course description sent home at the beginning of the school year.