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Vocabulary (Lists 1-7)

Questions 1-50: Select the best definition for vocabulary words used in context.

Grammar (chapters found on the
Fall Grammar page):

51-60: Parts of Speech: Identify the parts of speech of words used in sentences. 

61-65: Verb Usage: Determine which sentences correctly or incorrectly use the past and past participle verb forms.

66-71: Active and Passive Voice: Identify sentences written in the active and passive voices.

72-80: Pronoun Usage: Identify pronoun usage errors in sentences.

81-90 ; Parts of the Sentence: Identify direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, subjects, and objects of the preposition within sentences.

91-100: Punctuation: Identify correct usage of italics, quotation marks, and apostrophes.

101-110: Capitalization: Identify those words that should or should not be capitalized.

Reading Comprehension
Read a short story and answer the questions that follow. Know such terms as:

1. exposition

2. rising and falling action

3. climax

4. resolution

5. verbal irony

6. dramatic irony

7. foreshadow

8. internal and external conflict

9. suspense

10. tone

11. mood

12. protagonist and antagonist

13. static and dynamic characters