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What is Blue Crew

What is Blue Crew?

Blue Crew Is

The Spirit On Campus

Going to classes and getting grades is only half of the high school experience. The other half is everything that you do outside of the classroom. What you do on your Friday nights, your weekends, at lunch, after school, with friends, and between the bells. One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of high school is the excitement, the fun, and the memories.

The people who truly make up Blue Crew are the ones who want to enjoy their time in Agoura High School rather than just try to speed through it all. All students are welcome, and all are encouraged to get involved however they want to. The point of Blue Crew is simply just to have a good time by raising overall spirit on campus.




Blue Crew Events


Upcoming Blue Crew Events

Thursday April 15th Track Blue Crew BBQ @ 3pm

Friday April 16th Volleyball Blue Crew Spirit Game @ 6pm

Dress up in Blue and Gold and Come to the game!!!

Wear Blue and Gold Every Friday!


Blue Crew Apparel

Blue Crew Apparel available in


Headbands - $3.00

Socks - $8.00

T-Shirts - $10.00

Foam Fingers - ON SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Crew Gold - YOU GOTTA EARN IT!