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icon Grad Nite Info Packet 2015

General Information  -  2015 Grad Nite Dress Code    

The Safe and Sober Grad Nite event immediately follows the graduation ceremony, NOT  DISNEYLAND OR MAGIC MOUNTAIN! It is a parent-sponsored, non-profit event that offers the graduating class an opportunity to celebrate without the use of any illegal substances. This event was started in 1991 to provide a safe and sober party on what is statistically a "HIGH RISK" night for our Graduates!

Parents fund raise, plan, and run this event. It is an ALL NIGHT lock down party! They do not know where the event is held or what awaits them...

The graduates are transported by buses to and from the secret and secure location. When they arrive at the much-anticipated event, they will discover a party packed with things like live DJ and dancing, food and drinks, and MANY fun activities. They spend what we know will be a fun-filled and unforgettable night with their fellow graduates. They return to Agoua High School the next morning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grad Nite begins immediately following graduation, so students are not available for dinner/celebration with family after graduation.

For additional information and question please email the Grad Nite committee at

Donations: If you would like to make a donation to support Grad Nite, please use the donation form, which is part of the Grad Nite Packet

Grad Nite 2015 Committee Chairs

Lisa Lorkis and Rob Jordan