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Can I come to the Media Center/Library during class?
You must have a pass from your teacher or coach to come into the Media Center during class. You must also sign in when entering on the sign in sheet located by the front door.

How do I check out a
You must have a current AHS ID card to check out any material from the Media Center/Library.

I lost my library book, what should I do?
Come into the Media Center

I forgot my calculator at home, can I borrow one?
You may borrow a calculator using your current ID card. Keep in mind calculator check outs are for one day only. Items should be returned in good working conditon.

Can I view my library and textbook account?
Yes, you can log into your own account by accessing your check outs on http://follett.lvusd.org. Click the upper right hand corner Login and enter your username and password credentials given to you by the district. (Username: Five letters of your first name, five letters of your last name, the last two digits of your ID card number and the last two digits of your birth year. Password: your entire ID card number) 
Use the MyInfo tab to look up your checkouts.

How long can I borrow library books for?
Library books can be checked out for three weeks. Reference material can be checked out for one day. Please return books promptly in consideration of others and in good condition.

My library book is past due, how do I take care of the fine?
Overdue charges for library books are 10¢ per day, reference books are 25¢ per day, and calculators are 50¢ per day. Come into the Media Center and we will help you.  Your account must be current and no obligations owed to renew or check out new material.

Can I print my documents from the Media Center/Library?
The Media Center has several printers, black and white prints are 20¢ per page and color prints are 50¢ per page.

Can I eat in the Media Center/Library?
Food is permitted in a designated section of the library only. Please make sure you are seated in the designated area if you have food or drinks.  Clean up after yourself by picking up all trash and push in your chairs.


Do I have to cover my textbook?
Yes, all textbooks should be covered. When textbooks are initially checked out, check for damages that may include missing barcodes, missing pages, writing in the book, cover damage and water damage. Normal wear is expected.

My friend came over to study and we may have switched books, how do I find out which one is mine?
First of all, your textbooks should be covered so that you can tell the difference. You can log on to your library account  http://follett.lvusd.org (see above insturctions) to find out the barcode of your textbook.
Take a picture of your book's barcode to reference it whenever you need. The barcoded book you check out at the beginning of the year is the same book that must be returned at the end of the year.

Can I leave my textbook in the classroom so I don't have to take it
You are responsible for everything you check out. Do not leave your books in the classroom, do not lend out your books to your friends, and do not leave it on top of your locker. You are responsible the exact barcoded book you check out.

I lost/damaged my textbook, what should I do?
You must pay for the textbook by cash or check (made payableto AHS) before a new one can be issued. For older textbooks, you may be able to purchase the book online provided it is in like new condition and matches the ISBN number of our textbook. See the Media Center prior to ordering.