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Each year, hundreds of students filter through the AHS library the first few days of school to obtain their beloved textbooks. This ritual is always exciting and hectic, not anything unusual for these first few days. Despite the madness, there are more than a few important things to keep in mind as these textbook checkouts commence. In no particular order please remember the following (** applies to library materials as well):

  1. When checking out anything (textbooks, library books, CD-ROMS, calculators) from the library with your I.D., you are ultimately responsible for these materials. If anything happens to the materials you checked out (damaged, stolen. lost, etc,), you are responsible for replacement or payment. Do not, for example, lend books to other students, leave books unattended, or leave materials in your classroom. Here are some excuses that do not fly:
    (a) "My teacher told me it was okay to leave my book in her classroom."
    (b) "I left my book on top of my locker and when I came back it was gone."
    (c) "My friend borrowed my book and dropped it in the mud."
  2. When textbooks are initially checked out, please check for damages that may include missing barcodes, missing pages, writing in book, cover damage, and water damage. Please report damages that you find to the media center so they can make a note on your book.  Normal wear is expected.
  3. Please cover your textbooks.  Because the textbooks must be used for many years to come, please take the time to protect them from daily wear.
  4. Record your barcode numbers in a safe place (take a photo on your phone) in order to keep track of your books throughout the year. Make sure it is the SCHOOL barcode, not the manufacturer barcode. Books can get mixed up quite easily and you want to make sure that you return the books that you checked out in the beginning of the school year. Just because you return A BOOK, does not mean it is the book that was checked out to you. You are responsible for the book checked out TO YOU.
  5. If you do lose or damage a textbook, it must be paid for before a new textbook can be issued. Stop by the library to find out the cost of the book and then bring in either a check (made out to AHS) or cash and you will be issued a new book. Or you may choose to purchase a replacement book using the ISBN numbers on Amazon (this may be a cheaper route). If you do order the book, you must print out and bring in your confirmation order number which includes the expected delivery date and we will issue you a temporary textbook until you bring in your purchased book.  If you find your book, within the current school year, you will be issued a refund check less a processing fee. Bring the lost book to the library and we will begin the process for the refund. After paperwork is complete at Agoura, refund requests must be processed at the district and should be received within 90 days. 
  6. The library staff at AHS, which consists of two part-time clerks and one district media specialist, deals with all textbook distribution, inventory, damages, and bookkeeping (along with all the other library responsibilities!), so your patience and cooperation is appreciated. Although we strive to do the best possible job we can, we do make mistakes from time to time. We are more than willing to work with you and figure out these mistakes, but this requires your support.

Thank you!


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