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The goal of the Agoura High School website is to create the most effective, concise, and professional school website possible while following the rules, laws, and guidelines of the LVUSD Board of Education and State of California. We feel that this set of rules and policies will help us maintain the quality and reputation of Agoura High School's website.

General Guidelines

  • Because of board policy and the Technology Agreement forms that students and parents sign at the beginning of the school year, we are limited in the ability to identify individual students and their work on the website
  • All submitted articles and information must be typed out exactly how you would like it to appear on the site. Make sure that you run spell check and proofread everything carefully before submitting it to the site.
  • The AHS Administration, LVUSD Board of Education, LVUSD Superintendent, LVUSD Manager of Information Services, and the AHS Webmaster reserve the right to edit any submission before final posting and have the final discretion as to what will be posted on the school site.
  • All posted information must come in the body of an email message or attached in a Windows formatted Microsoft Word document. Images and other media can be sent as a JPEG, PDF, GIF, BMP, or PSD.
  • Always be mindful of users that utilize assistive technologies such as a screenreader, enlarged font, or keyboard only navigation.


In order to maintain a clean, professional website, please observe the following guidelines to the best of your ability.


  • Never use profanity or any language that would be offensive to a race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
    Agoura High School does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • Never criticize any AHS program, staff member, student, parent, or anyone else associated with the school.
    The website is for informative purposes and does not presently accept editorials.
  • Refrain from using email/instant messaging abbreviations and slang.
    Examples: lol, rotfl, writing u instead of you
  • Carefully proofread and spell check your information.
    This site is viewed hundreds of times daily by people all over the country, and sometimes all over the world.


  • Do not use more than one punctuation mark to end a sentence.
    For example: Instead of AHS Band Wins Competition!!!!!!!!, write AHS Band Wins Competition!
  • Use a single font.
    In order to maintain uniformity and legibility, your content will be placed in the single font currently used by body text of the website.
  • Avoid the use of ALL CAPS except in short phrases that you wish to emphasize.
    If there is too many uses of ALL CAPS, they will not do a good job of catching the user's attention.
  • Do not overuse bold type.
    If there is too much bold type on a page, it will not do a good job of catching the user's attention.

Who May Post/Submit Information

To prevent unauthorized submissions and to ensure the accuracy of the information received, we ask all district employees with @lvusd.org email accounts to use those when submitting information for the first time. Additionally, we will typically only accept submissions from the people listed below(unless prior arrangements are made with the Webmaster or an Administrator). The Webmaster reserves the right at any time to verify and have approved information submitted to them through appropriate staff member or administrator. This checking process may sometimes delay the posting date.

  • Any AHS Administrator
  • The Webmaster
  • For Offices: Any staff member from a given office may post information for their office only.
  • For Clubs and Other Campus Organizations: The club's faculty advisor.
  • For Student Council: The officer or commissioner responsible for the event after receiving approval from the Activities Director/ASB Advisor. (This is typically the only organization from which student submissions may come)
  • For Sports Teams: The head varsity coach(es).
  • For Booster Clubs: Officers of the organization after prior approval of the appropriate Assistant Principal.
  • For Academic Departments: The department chairperson.
  • For Teacher Pages: Only the specific teacher.
  • For Calendar Items: The Activities and Athletics Secretary. All events must receive official calendaring clearance from the Secretary before they can be posted on the site.

Posting Small Bulletins and Small Changes to Individual Pages

Includes: Announcements for the homepage, link to a new organization/teacher page, update of an office page.

  • Must be submitted at least one week before the date the submission/page update should take place. Commonly, the submission can be taken care of in a day or two, but is only guaranteed to be posted within one week.
  • This does not include any typographical errors or incorrect links which we will make every effort to fix immediately.

Posting Large Amounts of Information

Includes: Course catalog, stylebook, creating a new section on the site.

  • Must be submitted at least two weeks before the date the submission/page update should take place. Commonly, the submission can be taken care of more swiftly, but is only guaranteed to be posted within two weeks.
  • We ask that ANY information for registration be cleared by the Office Manager and forwarded to the webmaster no later then July 15th to ensure it will be available when students and parents begin receiving their packets in the mail.

The AHS Webmaster is NOT Responsible For

Contact Information

Brian Oppenheim
[email protected]

For more urgent questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Chris Regan at 818-889-1262 x236 or [email protected].

Revised 8/30/07