AHS English Stylebook (Junior)



Arrange the information into three units, each followed by a period:
(1) the author's name, last name first
(2) the title and subtitle, underlined or italicized; and
(3) the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication

A. Book by a single author

Bergman, Ray. Fresh-Water Bass. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967.

B. Book by more than one author

Bentley, Nicolas, Michael Slater, and Nina Burgis. The Dickens Index. New York: Oxford UP, 1990.

C. Book with an editor or editors

Polking, Kirk, Joan Bloss, and Colleen Cannon, eds. Writer's Encyclopedia. Vol. II. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 1983.

D. Two or more books by the same author

McDaniel, Adam. A Game of Skill: Rugby. United Kingdom: Simon, 1999.
---. How To Be a Champion. New Haven: Yale UP, 1997.

E. Work in a reference or anthology

Haney, Jo. "A Puffin is a Bird, I Think." Coming to Know: Writing to Learn in the Intermediate Grades. Ed. Nancy Atwell.  Portsmouth: Heinemann Educational Books, Inc., 1990. 33-38.

F. An anonymous book

A Guide to Our National Parks. New York: National Geographic Society, 1985.

II. PERIODICALS (Newspaper, magazines, professional journals, etc.)

(1) the author's name, last name first, followed by a period
(2) the title of the article in quotation marks followed by a period
(3) the title of the periodical underlined or italicized
(4) the date followed by a colon and page numbers

A. Article in a monthly periodical

Alva, Walter. "The Moche of Ancient Peru: New Tomb of Royal Splendor." National Geographic June 1990: 2-15

B. Article in a weekly periodical

Ratnesar, Romesh. "The Postwar War." Time 30 June 2003: 30-33.

C. Article in a daily periodical

Zeman, David. "Don't Presume Justice." The Miami Herald 25 Mar. 1991, Final ed. B2.

D. Article in a professional journal

Robinson, Daniel. "Getting It Right: The Short Fiction of Tim O'Brien."  Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 40 (1999): 257-264


Note: "Since internet sites and resources sometimes disappear altogether, you should download or print the material you use, in case it is inaccessible later"
(Gibaldi 179).

A. Document within a scholarly project or information database

Reedy, James. "Women's World Cup: Making History." FIFA Online. 1999. International Football Association. 10 June 1999.  <http://www.fifa.womansworldcup.com>.

B. Article in an online newspaper or newswire

Jones, Briana. "Thousands of Accidents Attributed to Cellular Phones."  New York Times on the Web. 10 Nov. 1998. 21 Dec. 1998

C. Article in an online magazine

Greenblatt, Fred. "Yosemite's Breathtaking Views." National Geographic,12 Sept. 1998. 31 Dec. 1998. <http://www.thegeographic.com>.

D. Anonymous article

"Celebrity Weddings." US News Online 27 May 1998. 14 Aug. 1998  <http://www.usnews.com/articles>.


The Oxford English Dictionary. 2nd ed. CD-ROM. Boston: Oxford UP, 1995.


A. Pamphlet

Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Wetlands: Indiana's  Endangered Natural Resource. Indianapolis: 1989.

B. Radio or television program

Latest Edition. Writ. Leslie Nunsuch. WJXT, Princeton. 14 Aug. 1990.

C. Personal interview

Muldoon, Bridgette. Personal interview. 27 Sept. 1991.

D. Map or chart

The Stock Market Boom. Chart. Chicago: Rand, 1994.