AHS English Stylebook

Honors/Accelerated Course Waiver Procedure

Grades 10, 11, 12

Students who have not met the prerequisites for Honors classes for grades 10, 11, or 12 may qualify for an automatic approval of a request to waive into such course provided that:
NOTE: Scores on the exam will not preclude a student's waiver request from being approved.  Placement exam schedule is available in the counseling office in the spring.


  1. Sign up for placement exams in spring (Exam schedule available in the counseling office).
  2. Submit waiver request with verification of grades in 1st semester and the 15 week mark of second semester by May 19, 2008.


Students who wish to appeal their placement despite non-fulfillment of the "A" grade requirement in current placement may submit a waiver request.  All such waivers will be reviewed by the school's placement committee and handled on a case by case basis.  Students will be advised of the committee's decision in July.  Approval of waivers is contingent upon space availability.


  1. Fill out a waiver request and submit to the panel no later than May 19, 2008.
  2. Attach any appropriate supporting data which demonstrates the ability of the applicant to succeed at an honors level.  Such data may include examples of student work, test scores and teacher recommendation.
  3. If a student's grade drops after the 15-week grade, a re-evaluation of an acceptance will be made.


You may appeal the decision of the school's placement committee to the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services.  Appeals must be submitted by June 16, 2008.