Waiver Application Information

Waiver Application Information

Grades 10, 11, and 12

The Las virgenes Unified School District, and our school, encourage all students to take a challenging academic program.  In an effort to ensure a high caliber honors program, prerequisites have been established to set admission criteria for these courses and to serve as an indicator of the academic skills needed to succeed.  These prerequisites are outlined in our course catalog.

Recognizing that there may be some instances when students are close to meeting prerequisites for a course and are highly motivated to enroll in that course, the Las Virgenes Unified School District has adopted a waiver procedure to take these facts into account.

Students who wish to appeal their placement despite non-fulfillment of the prerequisites of a course may submit a waiver request.  All waiver requests are reviewed by the school's placement committee and are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Students will be advised of the committee's decision in July.  Parents retain the right to appeal the decision of the waiver committee to the Las Virgenes Unified School District's Assistant Superintendent of Education.

Students placed in honors classes will be expected to meet and maintain the academic standards of the course.  If, after enrollment, the course content is determined by the student to be too difficult, he/she may drop the honors course within the school's add/drop calendar period.  Should this occur, the semester grade will be a prorated average of the grades in bot courses.  After seven weeks, student requests to drop may not be accommodated.

Please complete the Waiver Application (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format for printing) and submit the application by the due date, May 19, 2008.  Failure to submit the application by this deadline may seriously jeopardize consideration for this request.

If you do not take the Honors Placement Test, you are not eligible to enter Honors English next year.  If you choose, you may take the placement test offered next spring for the following year.