AHS English Stylebook


Transitions are used to link one sentence to another within a paragraph. They make writing flow and guide your reader from idea to idea. Transitions are also used to link paragraphs in logical progression or organization.
You must use good judgment with connecting words. Sometimes students mark every word or idea with a connecting word or begin every sentence with a transition word. If you post unnecessary signs, your readers will ignore them, along with the necessary ones. If you post too few, they will not understand them.

Relationship Transitional words
To indicate a time order when, while, first, to begin (with), as, at the same time, during, meanwhile, now, after that, afterwards, next, later, finally, moreover, until
To indicate description above, across from, also, beyond, further
To indicate similar ideas similarly, and, in addition, another, also, then, again, further, furthermore, besides, likewise, moreover
To contrast two ideas however, in contrast, yet, on the other hand, on the contrary, or, nor, still, nevertheless
To point up an example for example, for instance, to be specific, namely, that is
To point out a conclusion, result thus, so, therefore, for this reason, consequently
(cause-effect relationship) as a result, in other words, accordingly, because, hence, since, to sum up