AHS English Stylebook (Junior)


A. Library Sources
    1. Books can be located in two areas
        a. AHS Library Computer Catalogue Systems
        b. Books in Print, a two-volume catalogue that lists all the books currently in print arranged alphabetically by subject.
    2. Periodicals (magazines, newspaper, journals)
        a. The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
            Sample entry:
                "The Games".  R. Newman.  Sport.  31:14. D '67
                (title)                (author)        (mag) (vol:pg.) (date)
        b. Other periodical indexes for special journals
        c. Infotrac and other computer online services
    3. Reference works
        a. General Encyclopedias -Look up your subject in the index of the encyclopedia (the last volume in the set). There you will find several articles related to your subject.
        b. Other reference books, including:
  1. Dictionary of Music
  2. Encyclopedia of Social Science
  3. Companion to Classical Literature
  4. Computer online services
B. Non-Library Sources
  1. Individual authorities
  2. Interviews
  3. How to List Sources
  4. Form
  5. Non-library sources:
Assignment: Write 3-4 source cards from three different types,using the proper format.