AHS English Stylebook (Junior)

Independent Study Project: Parent Guidelines

A word to parents about the Independent Study Project (ISP)

Adapted from materials developed by Alan Perry and the AHS English Department.

Objectives: As a result of the ISP, the student will learn:

• a lot about an important topic

• how to utilize research sources

• how to synthesize research data

• how to better budget time

• how to organize a multi-faceted project

• how to argue a thesis using gathered outside references

• how to document outside references

• how to produce a research paper with proper format

• a lot about himself or herself

Points for a parent/guardian to keep in mind:

• Independent is the first word in the title of the ISP. The student has chosen the subject matter and the research sources, and he/she is in control of the outcome.

• Student stress usually results from procrastination.

• Students know due dates and objectives well in advance.

• Yes, this is an academic challenge and it has been designed as a challenge.

Hints for parent involvement:

• Regularly discuss with your student his/her ISP progress.

• Review the master assignment sheet and due dates.

• Empathize with the student’s challenge, but don’t be overly sympathetic.

• During the process, never accept the words, “What homework?”

• Continually stress the “Can do! attitude.

Services provided by your instructor:

• A clearly defined assignment

• A step-by-step process with periodic progress checks.

• Clear instructions for every step.

• Examples of successfully completed steps.

• Carefully developed scoring rubrics for each graded part of the project.

• Help offered during support period.

• AHS Stylebook which is available online as web pages or as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file at http://www.ahschargers.com in Academic Departments, under English Department.