AHS English Stylebook (Freshman)

English I Fall Final Exam Study Guide

Vocabulary (Lists 1-7)

Grammar (chapters found on the Fall Grammar page):

Reading Comprehension

Questions on the Final Exam

1-50 Vocabulary - Select the best definition for vocabulary words used in context.

51-90 Parts of Speech  - Identify the parts of speech of words used in sentences.

91-97 Verb Usage

98-107 Pronoun Usage - Select the sentence containing an error in pronoun usage.

108-135 Parts of the Sentence

141-155 Punctuation: Italics, Quotation Marks, and Apostrophes - Find the answer that will correct an error in punctuation.

156-170 Capitalization - Identify words needing capitalization.

171-183 Reading Comprehension - Read a passage and answer multiple-choice questions.